25 Easy DIY Tutorials On How To Update Old T-Shirts

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25 Easy DIY Ways To Update Your Old T-Shirts This Summer

Even those of us who don’s shop very often surely have a drawer full of old t-shirts they don’s really wear anymore. Whether they’e too big, too small, or just look really worn out, it easy to amass a collection of shirts that only have one purpose: to collect dust.

But this summer, spend some of your free time turning those shirts into something useful. It a great way to save money and to create something awesome out of something not-so-awesome. There are tutorials for making dingy t-shirts into a t-shirt you want to wear again, into a cool tank, a swimsuit coverup, bags, or even headbands. Want to get into some DIY stuff this summer? Here are 25 easy ways to update your old t-shirts right now:

1. Make a boring shirt more interesting with these shoulder cutouts.

2. Turn an over-sized tee into a cool halter perfect for summer.

3. Make a graphic tee more fun by adding lace inserts.

4. Turn a really old shirt into a cute bag.

5. Give a boring shirt an update with this lace top.

6. Make an oversized tee work for summer by cutting it into a tie-front tank

7. Do something fun with dip dye to make a plain tee more exciting

8. A little bit of lace makes a plain shirt more cool

9. Turn a graphic tee into a workout tank (or just a regular tank!)

10. Or make it into a really cute little tote bag

11. Create a cool pattern and put it all over a shirt you’e bored with

12. This cool ripped back tee made from a boring over-sized tee is a perfect swimsuit cover-up

13. If the t-shirt is a lost cause, make it into a headband

14. Create a really cool splattered tee out of a boring shirt

15. Sometimes all you need is a simple change to the back to create something new and different

16. A shirt you just don’s want to wear anymore can easily be made into an infinity scarf

17. Can’s find the graphic tee of your dreams? Make it yourself!

18. Need a new swimsuit coverup? An old, over-sized white tee can transform into a cool tie-dyed piece:

19. Add a gem necklace to any shirt to instantly give it an update

20. Turn a plain t-shirt into a cool ruffled tube top

21. Go for something more casual and make a cool varsity shirt

22. Turn a simple t-shirt into a tank with an awesome lace collar

23. Make an over-sized t-shirt into a dress. This is one of the only shirt-to-dress tutorials I actually love!

24. Or add a lace cutout for something unexpected

25. Here another fun tie-die coverup you can make with an old shirt:

Source & Tutorial

Which of these tutorials is your favorite? Which one have you tried? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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