4 Style Disasters That Men Should Never Follow

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Men are a humble creature who mostly don’s bother a lot about what they are wearing. The only reason for them sometimes is either it is comfortable or my perfect size. Luckily, men usually don’s have a lot of choices and combinations to go with like girls do. To be in fashion or following the latest trend is not that bad but these are some embarrassing and disastrous mistakes that no one should follow. Even if nobody is too daring to say this, because that might hurt your feelings, but the fact it no one like these items of clothing worn in this manner.

Too Girly Colors

Men's Print Burst of Knowledge Short Sleeve T-ShirtYou have to admit it! Pink, red-orange and colors like that are for girls. Black, white and browns are for men. Don’s go for too bright colors. It is okay to have neutral shades of pink or purples of men casual shirts but be very precise while choosing. The basic rule for mixing up colors, textures, and patterns is that each item should complement the other. A light soft toned pink goes best with a darker shade of gray. Don’s go for bright or shiny color men cotton pants or jeans. Men dressed in deep red or fuchsia are usually not adored.

T-shirt with Cheesy Quotes

What were you thinking when you brought those f nobody is perfect then I nobody or not weird, I a limited edition or some life related or inspiration quotes t-shirts? Worst way to draw attention. If your logic is t Inspirational not applicable bro! Please just don’s grab a men casual shirts that shows how clever you are! You don’s need to share your creativity and appreciation of words by wearing a shirt like that. Wear something more simple and good quality.

Over Sized Baggy Clothing

Remember that formal men shirt your mother gifted you last time which is oversized but you still wear it cause if you wouldn’s it will break her heart. Or your elder brother suit which you often borrow for dinner knowing that he is overweight than you. Even though a man can look his best in a suit, an outdated or ill-fitting suit looks cheaper. Unfitted dresses are not cool at all. Even if you are bulky, wearing baggy clothes just because they are comfortable is not the right solution. Have a decent and perfect fit for yourself.

Belt with a Large Buckle

A belt function is to hold your pants. They don’s need to be with a larger than life-size buckles with logos and all. Whoever told you that it is trending is definitely not your friend. Those WWE sized belts or superman badge are not for real life. Select a simple and classic leather belt. Don’s be a part of any pointless saggy trend by wearing your pants too high or too low. Pro tip! Match your shoes with a belt if you want to dress pleasantly.

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