A Recipe For Looking Stylish In Women’s Business Attire

Professional business attire can be a challenge for women. Have you ever looked at your workplace wardrobe and though: I have nothing to wear? You probably have many separate items of clothing that don’t work well together.

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Here’s the solution: A capsule wardrobe that mixes and matches quickly and easily, so you always look polished and professional.

Business attire recipe:

Basic ingredients: a few simple, classic pieces in a basic color that suits you. For example, and jacket with pants or skirt (with both is even better), in a neutral color such as black, navy, brown or grey.

Hint: Look for the newest shapes. This season it’s short cropped jackets paired with wide legged trousers, which can take your from boardroom to business events with ease. For more casual days, pair longer tunics with leggings or slim pants.

The icing: Shirts and sweaters in one or two colors that make you look great. It can be red or raspberry for people with darker coloring, or a pastel or cream color for people with fair coloring.

Hint: look for the season’s latest colors, such as grey or cobalt blue. You’ll look up to date and stylish, and still look businesslike and professional.

The trimming: Add a splash of trendy accessories; shoes with a bit of flare in the latest style; jewelry in metals, pearls, or gems that are trendy yet still in the classic range, a handbag in the shape of the season, large or small. Top it off with a long cardigan. It’s big this year, and smart looking enough to pull your outfit together.

Hint: Choose the newest shapes and colors in accessories, from grey and cobalt blue, to classic black. Silver is big this season, so add a touch in your handbag or shoes, or in a wide bangle or earrings.

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