Accessories For Men’s Black Tie Attire

Have you been invited to a black tie event and are considering to buy your own tuxedo? Considering all the sales many retailers are offering, this might be just the right time to do so. As a good rule of thumb: If you wear the tuxedo at least once a year, then owning your own tux will be a good option. Not only will it save you money in the long run but it will safe you the hassle of renting a tuxedo each time. If you are planning on buying your own tuxedo you will also need a few other accessories to have the complete look. Below is a list of clothing accessories that will add the final touch to your tuxedo.

Men's Desgin Classic brush Short Sleeve Tee ShirtTuxedo Shoes
If you think that your daily dress shoes that you normally wear with your business suits will work, then think again! A tuxedo just doesn’t look right with ordinary black dress shoes. It is important that the shoes give of a classy elegant shine that compliments the “high class” look of the tuxedo. Tuxedo shoes have a high gloss polish that gives of an incomparable shine. There are two types of tuxedo shoes to choose from: The lace-up style, and the “slip-on” type. Whatever style you choose if completely your personal preference. Some lower end tuxedo shoes are PVC coated. The PVC plastic coating is a cheap way to add shine to the shoe. Keep in mind though that such shoes don’t “breathe” as well as the more costly leather shoes. If you are planning on staying in your tuxedo for a while and if dancing is part of your functions, then higher end leather shoes are definitely recommended.

Vests & Cummerbunds
Both are not required but they will add a nice elegant touch to your tuxedo. If you choose to wear one, make sure not to wear both but only one at a time. Traditionally the color black is chosen. If you choose to wear a cummerbund that is pleated, make sure that the pleats are worn upward facing.

Bow Ties
Traditionally the bow tie for black tie attire is solid black in color. Most classic bow ties measure a spread of 2.5 inches. Even though clip-on bow ties might seem a convenient alternative, nothing compares to a bow tie you tie yourself.

Tuxedo Dress Shirts
There are two common dress shirts worn for black tie attire:

1. Wing-Collar Shirts: The Wing Collar Shirts have a heavy starched collar that stands up on your neck. Only the tips of the collar are folded down and create the “wing-tip” look. Wing-collared shirts are often times considered to be slightly uncomfortable on your neck. If your event is taking longer and/or if you have more sensitive skin choose the flip-over collar shirt.

2. The Flip-Over Collar: This type of dress shirt is basically a formal version of the ordinary dress shirt. The collar is just as the one from a regular dress shirt. There are two ways the shirt is made more formal: First, the shirt uses French Cuffs that are worn with cufflinks, and secondly, the shirt typically has decorations in form of folds at the front. Such folds are also called pleats that typically measure 录 – inch apart.

Cufflinks are a must for the tuxedo outfit. In fact, you don’t really have any other option since almost all tuxedo dress shirts have French cuffs that require cufflinks. Keep the cufflinks plain and classy looking. Solid silver and solid gold are always a great option. If you choose the gold cufflinks make sure to match them to a golden watch. Black glass and black stone cufflinks are also quite popular.

Pocket Squares
Pocket squares are a great way to add more style to your tuxedo. Traditionally a white silk pocket square is worn in the breast pocket of the dinner jacket. The most popular fold is the so-called “Presidential”, or “Flat” pocket square fold.

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