Achieving One-Of-A-Kind Designs Through Different T-Shirt Printing Methods

Fashion 100% Cotton Summer Watercolor Cross Children's T-shirtThe unusual, the singular, the bizarre, the comical – who could resist such personal gifts that are custom-made, with the recipients in mind for every design? Custom t-shirt printing can help you achieve any of the above characteristics for your t-shirt gifts to friends, family members, work personnel, and devoted customers. There is no limit to t-shirt designs available. In fact, numerous people take advantage of the multifunctionality presented by t-shirt printing to allow them to give gifts that are easy to find but are nonetheless imbued with a personal touch.

Types Of T-Shirt Printing Processes

Ever since t-shirts first came out of the assembly line in the 1920s, creators have dreamt up of ways of putting designs onto its surface in order for these to become more attractive to customers. Here are a couple of the most common techniques of t-shirt printing utilized throughout the ages.

T-Shirt Printing Through Silk Screen

For putting designs onto pieces of clothing, such as t-shirts, silk screen printing is possibly the oldest technique known to achieve this. Owing to its consistently wonderful results, many t-shirt printers prefer this particular technique. The method operates on a clearly simple principle. In a template, the desired design is etched. Then, a sharp tool cuts the design to ensure that the colors from the pigment can pass through.

Then the template is transferred to a silk screen by a specific chemical. This screen is placed over the surface of a t-shirt to be printed and then pigment is poured on the screen. With the use of a squeegee, the paint is forced out of the fine mesh of the screen and is absorbed by the fibers of the cloth. The process is repeated for each color in the design. This task needs absolute patience! The results are for a long time, although can be quite expensive if one is ordering individual shirts.

Heat Transfer T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt designs made through heat transfer method are growing in popularity these days. Even if the results are not as durable as those designs made from silk screen printing, many individuals favor this technique for its affordability. If you are searching for a fast means to generate t-shirt designs at a fraction of the cost of silk screen printing, then the answer might be heat transfer printing. This method makes use of a heat press to transfer a design onto the surface of the t-shirt. Multicolored and bold-colored designs are attainable in t-shirts because of this printing method.

Customized t-shirt printing designs give a unique touch to your wearables. For quality shirt printing services, visit us today.. Check here for free reprint license: Achieving One-Of-A-Kind Designs Through Different T-Shirt Printing Methods.

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