An important part of the workplace is the office wear. Before your work is evaluated, your persona and clothes get judged. What you wear says a lot about you. How you dress up for work shows how seriously you take your work and that how others will perceive you. In this time of cut throat competition, your seniors are constantly judging you, not just your work but also your presentation skills.

You cannot wear casual jeans and tops to the office nor can you daily carry on pantsuits or jackets. You have to strike a balance in between and find your own style. Your style will become a big part of your personality. If you pantsuits, skirts suits, formal dress or something else, you will need to give it a feminine touch.

Business professional clothing for women is very similar to what men are expected to wear: A Power Suit. This doesn’s have to mean that you have to wear a boxy jacket, pinstripe pants or a tie. The formal attire remains rarely updated with the fashion world. So you have to chic up your appearances with your personal touch. It doesn’s have to be staid, boring or conservative but it has to give you a serious, sober and mature look.

The following are acceptable choices for women formal wear:

Pant Suits – It is the simplest of all, a pant with a matching jacket. This look works for most body shapes and sizes. While assembling and carrying out this look is very easy, one may have to take care of a few things. The length of the pants cannot be above the ankle or below the foot. Just below the ankle is the right length. The pant suit should be of darker or muted colors which can be paired with simple blouse, bustier or a plain shirt. The length of the sleeves of the jacket and shirt underneath should also be optimum. The pant suit should never have a crease on it.

The skirt suit – This is a pencil skirt worn with a matching coat. The length of the skirt should be just at the knee and bright or neon colors should be avoided. It can be paired with a shirt, blouse, or a lacy camisole. One can also go for a long skirt that goes upto ankles. To chic things up, a colorful scarf or scarf belt can be worn.

A formal dress – A simple A line dress which has no embroidery, prints or designs can be worn. It can be a front button down or a back button down. It should not have chains or extra buttons hanging out of it. If the dress is too simple then a broach of the contrast color can be worn.
Other than these you can also wear a simple shirt with a skirt or pants.

For the accessories part, you may

Not wear anklets, bangles or anything that makes noise when you walk. Try to always wear simple, chic and light jewelry.

Avoid gaudy accessories. Think simple, sleek and chic.

Bright colors and bold prints can be worn only for scarves and ties. Neon and fluorescent colors should be avoided at all costs.

Hair and nails should always be properly groomed. Hair should always be tied in a neat bun. Too long nails or dazzling nail paint colors should be avoided.

Nothing disgraces formal wear like chipped nail paint or chapped lips. Wear minimal makeup and touch up once in a while.

You may try out a thin, colored belt. It an easy way to add a fashionable pop to a basic or drab office outfit.

Do not wear too much perfume, deo, body spray any fragrance.

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Keep your glasses and goggles clean and smudge free.
The greatness of any outfit/look lies in its basics. You can always depend on color coordination, clean, ironed and crease free clothes, neutral colors, minimal makeup, light accessories, well groomed personality and a simple smile. These ought to take care of your appearance. So get comfortable with formal wear and make your own style.

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