Clothing Templates For Second Life

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Clothing Templates For Second Life
Updated on March 8, 2013 SecondLife LM moreContact Author Clothing Templates For Second Life
So you want to be a clothing designer in Second 100% Cotton Wicked Short Sleeve Custom Casual Children’s T-shirt Life? Well to get started you’ll need Clothing Templates for Second Life. What are Clothing Templates? Well in Second Life they are premade items that you can put together on your avatar and be the creator. It’s actually quite simple to do and I learned how to use them in 5 minutes without any help at all. I will however steer you in the right direction. I’ve had so much fun making clothes and I am going to use them as a guide to learn more about making my own Clothes for Second Life.

The Two Types of Clothing Templates for Second Life
TGA’s and PSD files
When you buy clothing templates you need to know which ones you want. If you know anything about using Photoshop then you might want a template that includes PSD files. If you want basic ready to put together templates then use regular TGA files. When you upload images to Second Life it’s in TGA format and PSD format includes all the layers that are a part of the clothing template. Not all designers sell the PSD file so be sure to read the listing or item in game carefully to choose the right one for you/

Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life
Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life Buy Now Freebies and up to 10 Lindens Templates for Second Life Clothing – You can earn money from your creations.
There are some very affordable templates to learn Second Life Clothing. Some are TGA and others are PSD. Try them out to learn the basics before going for more expensive templates.

Once you make clothing you are the creator. You can sell your creations to other residents. Be sure to set the right permissions on your items. Copy/Mod or Mod/Transfer. You don’t want it set to Copy/Mod/Transfer. That’s full permissions and others can take your work and hand it to everyone. Also never hand out the templates to others. It’s against ToS and could land you in trouble.

BodyShot kiss me pasties template
Recolorable Pasties Template for Second Life

BodyShot pasties template – upper
TGA Body Shot Template

See Through Corset
Make Your Own Corset with this TGA

String Bra Template
TGA Template to make a Bra in world

TGA Templates for Sequined Tops
You can get these free in world

Summer Sunrise Bikini Templates and Texture
Includes a texture to make matching Sarong.

TGA template for a bra
Make your own Bra with this template.

Nisha – Lace croped tops TGA templates
6 TGA with different colors to make Cropped Tops

Leggings with TGA and Download link for PSD
Both TGA and PSD template

Free Pasties Template
Make your own Pasties for yourself or for others.

Tank Top Template PSD file
This template has folds already.

Stocking Template
Ripped Stockings Template

Silky Tops Template with Skirt
Great full outfit template.

Half Top PSD File
This second life clothing template has a PSD you can download for the template.

Free Polka Dot Templates
I have this template and it’s a great freebie to learn Second Life Clothing Templates
Second Life Clothing 101
by Robin Sojourner Wood
Robin Sojourner Wood has done a lot for the Second Life community. She has created many tutorials and has a Sim made for helping residents. This book is only 100L on the SL marketplace and is very helpful in learning about Second Life Clothing.

Second Life Clothing 101

Second Life Clothing Templates up to 100L – These are a bit more expensive
If you want to try different templates here are some that are up to 100L each. Some great templates for Second Life clothing here.

10 Corset Templates
Reasonably priced templates for making corsets.

Latex Corsets Templates
Second Life is full of sexy latex outfits why not make your own and save lindens.

Christmas Tops Templates
Show off your festive style with Christmas Top Templates.

Beautiful Snow Fairy Kit
Could double as a fairy wedding dress

Lace Top TGA Template
Make your own cute Lace Top with this template.
Me Modeling my Second Life Clothes from Templates
Very easy to make
All you need to do is go into Edit Outfit then near the bottom is New Clothes. I picked new shirt for my top you can do either jacket, shirt or undershirt. Jacket is always the top layer. You’ll have this ugly white covering on you and you can change it by clicking on the fabric box. You’ll need to search for your Template TGA to use. Once you do that you’ll have your outfit. There’s some sliders you can use to make sure the fit is right, but most of the time you have to change nothing. You can then change the name and use save or save as and you’ll have your clothes.

Featured Template Maker AngelRED Couture – Affordable Templates for Second Life Clothing
Angelred Couture templates are beautiful and affordable. I’m going to update some of these to showcase more of her new ones. You can also check on the Marketplace after clicking one of the below links.

AngelRED – FULL PERM Tyler Summer Tank
You get 13 ready to wear Tops and 26 TGA textures to create your own in world. It also includes a PSD link so you can customize the tanks for yourself. Gives you lots of ways to add your own flair and make it unique.

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