Denim And Dolls

Dress Up or Dress Down With Denim

Women's Cotton Kabuki Cat 01 Short Sleeve  Tops TeesMaybe you at one time shared some of the misunderstandings concerning using denim fabric which I once did. It was an itchy scratchy stand-on-its-own starchy fabric. Denim was for cowboys. It would rub my skin raw like sandpaper and was not comfortable. All that turned around when I gave denim an opportunity. I sure you also possess a favorite pair of comfy jeans or denim button up shirt. I encourage you to give it the opportunity to demonstrate for you how versatile it can be when sewing for dolls.

I suggest all cotton denim. Find a length that soft, light weight, and flexible, and still sturdy. Before sewing denim fabric, it necessary to launder the fabric to additionally soften the fabric, but prior to going in the washing machine, make sure you zigzag along all the edges to prevent fraying.

Recall, as with all doll clothing you create, to keep the seam allowances at 1/4 inch. An important reminder about sewing with denim is that you need to stitch the seams together, as you would with the seam on a t-shirt sleeve, in order to decrease thickness. Add topstitching with a little thicker thread to give it a completed look. It also aids in strengthening the seam.

There are numerous garment options with denim fabric. Here are a few different types of outfits one can create when sewing for dolls.

Jobs on the farm: Stitch work jeans and pair it with plaid button up shirts for whenever your doll is out working with the cows or gathering eggs.

Country dress: Dolly needs time to rest when on the farm and visit with friends. Make a comfy appearance with jumpers, skirts, and dresses that are casual but permit her to gussie up a bit.

Western ware: When attending the round up, she wears her best comfortable jeans with a button up denim shirt or vest over a blouse. Dolly could easily be out riding, but is prepared to enjoy the day hanging out with friends.

Back home: Dolly day at the ranch might be done, but she takes the sensible and comfortable attire home with her and dresses in a denim jacket, jeans, or overalls when the weather cools off.

Adornments: No garment is done without a purse or backpack. Whether hiking for the day or going to town, a denim shoulder bag is the ideal accent. Embellish with lace or faux fur. A denim wallet is great to add to her handbag. A floppy hat will embellish her clothes and keep the sun off.

As with any clothing, there are means to gussy up denim. Take a simple jumper and add pockets, and applique on the bodice, or a row of buttons down the front. Change a basic dress and add lace or ribbon on the empire waist. Sew a culotte skirt that both comfortable and informal. Add tights and a blouse and denim vest. Flair a simple skirt and add lace on the bottom or make it a tiered skirt for a change.

The choices are limitless. When one realizes all that denim can do you won’s want to quit at clothing. What about a raggedy quilt? The more often you wash the quilt, the more ragged the edges and the finer it becomes. It is just right for a outing with playmates.

So are you ready to try out demim? You will be delighted you did!

JoAnn is a sewing enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passion for sewing with all ages. Author of seven books and multiple e-books that explore many sewing applications, JoAnn seeks to encourage you on your sewing journey and instill in you a love for sewing. Visit her at

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