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DIY Winnie The Pooh Keychains

Making your individual do-it-yourself Winnie the Pooh onerous plastic key chain charm is a good challenge that parents and their children can do collectively. When finished, you’ll have a rigid, transparent, waterproof plastic charm of Pooh that you can use as a key chain, Christmas ornament, as a part of a hanging cell, luggage tag, necklace or earring pendants or the rest your imagination can dream up.

Here’s what you may want:

A large piece of clear denim shirt 2t #6 plastic (polystyrene)

High quality tip everlasting marker (black)

Shade permanent markers (Yellow and pink for Pooh Bear)


Use of the kitchen oven and an oven mitt

Sheet of aluminum foil


Keychain or string

First obtain a big piece of clear #6 plastic (polystyrene). This is definitely recognized by on the lookout for the recycling image. A #6 in the triangle means you’re good to go. The clear lids for to-go meals trays are normally fabricated from #6 plastic. Next find a photo of Winnie the Pooh to make use of off of the web. Obtain an appropriate photograph and print it out in your printer on regular paper. Be aware that the final product will shrink roughly three to 4 instances smaller than your beginning image, so keep this in mind.

Minimize the #6 plastic so that you’ve got a flat sheet barely bigger than the picture. Tape the picture to the plastic sheet. Using the nice tip black everlasting marker, trace the define of Pooh, as well as all his features – eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth, shirt, and so forth. Fill in his dark options like eyes and nose. As soon as he is been traced, use the yellow marker to fill in his fur and the red marker to fill in his shirt. Next take away the tape from the paper image and minimize the plastic into the form you want (rectangle, oval, and so forth.)

Move the oven rack all the best way all the way down to the underside. Place the aluminum foil on the rack.

Heat the oven to 350 levels. When the oven is prepared, place the plastic image on the foil sheet utilizing the oven mitt and close the door.

Women's Let The Hunt Begin Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsFor the first minute or so, your art will start to curl up and shrink. It is fun to watch! Then soon after it should start to flatten out. After about denim shirt 2t three and a half minutes, your image must be carried out. Utilizing the oven mitt, rigorously take away the aluminum foil tray from the oven.

Your plastic charm remains to be sizzling and will remain shapeable for an additional ten seconds or so before it cools. If it’s not fully flat, you may smoothed out by putting a large, flat object like a e book on it. Or if you would like, you possibly can bend and shape your artwork. But work quickly before it cools.

After the charm has cooled, drill a small hole in the highest for the chain. Attach the chain and you’re finished. You have just created your very personal Winnie the Pooh arduous plastic keychain charm! These make nice gifts for the Winnie the Pooh enthusiast and may even be used as baby shower celebration favors.

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