Designed T-Shirts, What A Novel Ideal

What a joy it must be to possess artistic abilities and be able to color coordinate for some really great and cool designs for t-shirts. Many would be designers will haphazardly start with a cheap plain cotton t-shirt and a few poor choices in add ons. A good artist however, can create a masterpiece on a t-shirt with the help of an ordinary sharpie.

Women's Desgin Mortality Short Sleeve  Tops Tees

For anyone who has never tried a sharpie on a t-shirt, it is a harder task than one would imagine. The cotton canvas doesn’t want to lay still and if you try painting the tee, it could easily become a stiff shirt, very uncomfortable for wearing. Several washing will also help any design fade or disappear. The most logical approach is to create with paper or a regular canvas, then photograph the finished design which can easily and permanently be printed onto a t-shirt of your choice.

If this sounds like designing a t-shirt is too complicated for your fancy, you have some very good viable options available to you. Your design could end up on a website that will print and sell your design on t-shirts. This is websites that hold contests for any artist. It is as easy as finding the websites, submitting your design and hoping yours is picked for the next great t-shirt design.

A less complicated process is a lot more fun. First you will need to get all the necessary information to start the process. This will include digital image specifications for submission and all the necessary application information. Your design could be chosen by the site by their judges or it can be part of the designs that will be voted on by fans of the website who often visit the site to see what is new and exciting for the next series of t-shirt designs.

It is a simple process that involves images of artists that want to share their designs with the world of t-shirts that could possibly find the designs on t-shirts and sold to a very demanding online fan club. The originality and freshness of the designs and designers make these sites very popular. A good design can easily be bought by the printing company, either by the design or by the number of units sold. It is a great way to make money while having the world enjoy your creations.

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