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When making a decision about ones career it is rare that people think of being a t shirts designer. T shirts are one of the most commonly worn clothing all over the world amongst men and women regardless of age, color or class. T shirts on the other hand are usually worn by a younger crowd. T shirts may have pictures of simple cartoons, highly detailed graphic images or messages.

So being a designer of t shirts is not only about caring for the style or shape of the clothing but nowadays it is more so about being creative regarding the images or writings printed on the t shirts. In order comes to writings on t shirts it is then very innovative people that are needed to come up with witty messages. So t shirts designing is not just a no-brainer, but it is actually very interesting because there is no limit on what color and style you can make.

You can design t shirts for retail consumers, corporations or even schools, sports teams and non-profit organizations. T shirts are used by companies, politicians, organizations, schools, individuals and designers to convey their message, whatever it might be to the world.

Teenagers for example the little messages on their t shirts give them an opportunity to express their feelings without saying it out loud like don’t care’. Sometimes these messages on t shirts come in very handy at promoting a cause like o smoking’ written with a sign or something regarding cancer awareness etc. It is not as simple as stamping a slogan at the back or front of a T shaped clothing piece but a lot of effort and thinking goes in behind art or messages printed.

If one thinks being a t shirts designer is boring, then they can consider these variations to think otherwise: sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves, cotton, polyester, embroidered, funny slogan, political etc.

Starting out as a t shirts designer also opens many new doors for one in the future, because they’ll be playing in the same field as other “fashion designers.” Thus, they can be entitled to call themselves a “fashion designer” as well. After all, t shirts are now as fashionable as a pair of jeans and dresses are. However, in countries where the literacy rate is low being a t shirts designer may not be a career path to choose. This is so because there will not be as much people interested in buying t shirts with funny or intelligent remarks stated on them as they cannot read them to begin with.

On the other hand t shirts with images on them are also made for particular types of people who may like such designs like gothic art for Goths or pretty and flowery images for girly girls etc. suiting the type.

Therefore, it can be seen that such a career path may be fun and successful due to popular demand for t shirts while in some places it may not be so depending on the population type in the city or country in question.

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