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GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS! Thank you for visiting Divabetic’s official online shop! Find what you’re looking for yourself and/or great gifts for your friends and family. Divabetic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to empower women to manage their diabetes self-care with confidence, inspiration and knowledge. Divabetic was inspired by the late music legend, Luther Vandross and created in 2005 by Max Szadek, who, as Vandross assistant of 14 years, witnessed his boss, mentor, and friend struggle in silence and solitude with the diabetes and its related complications. President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter have acknowledged Divabetic for it dedication and determination on behalf of the diabetes community. You’ll find unique merchandise with Divabetic log art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more.
Insulin Inspiration
Inspirational messages to keep you stay healthy and upbeat about your care on a daily basis
DIVABETIC Sugar & Spice: tag lines
CLICK HERE for ALL merchandise with popular tag lines including:
‘I’m Exercising My Attitude’
‘Sugar Has An ‘Equal’ I Don’t’
‘Anything Sugar Can Do I Can Do Better’
‘I Always Rely On The Kindness
DIVABETC Best Seller: ‘Sugar’s The Bitch. Not Me’
CLICK HERE for ALL DIVABETIC logo and ‘Sugar’s The Bitch. Not Me’ tag line on back merchandise Fierce, fresh and fabulous art director, Alli Truch, designed this logo for DIVABETIC. Alli designed all
DIVABETIC Sweet & Simple: no tag lines
CLICK HERE for our most popular DIVABETIC logo design merchandise without any tag lines.
Top Selling Design: DUDE-A-BETIC
Graphic designer, George Corsillo, designed our top selling men’s design for merchandise. Look for innovative programming in 2006 for boys and men living with or affected by diabetes.
Pink (Bee Disciplined) Bee A D.I.V.A.
CLICK HERE for DIVABETIC’s Top Selling Pink ‘Bee A DIVA’ designs for Fall ’05 were designed by artist/designer Susan McCaslin. Susan is Divabetic.com is for Sale (Divabetic)’s artistic mastermind.
Denial’s Not My Style
George Corsillo, graphic designer, once again developed an amazing design for our newest tag line for DIVABETIC.
DIVABETIC Rock N Roll: Black ‘D’ Star
CLICK HERE for All ‘D’ Star Community Merchandise. When you want the best, you go to the best. Our ‘D’ Star logo was designed by super sensational graphic designer/art director George Corsillo. George
Denial’s Not My Style! 2
DIVABETIC’s phrase DENIAL’S NOT MY STYLE! encourages everyone currently undiagnosed living with diabetes to get tested and take charge of their health. Avoid the serious consequences of diabetes by ge
CLICK HERE for our newest merchandise in
blue and red hearts!
Popular ‘SUGAR’S THE BITCH. NOT ME’ and other tag lines on cards and stickers.
DIVABETIC Day Wear: workshop logo
CLICK HERE for ALL DIVABETIC popular Workshop logo merchandise
DIVA THE HALLS! Holiday Gifts
DIVA THE HALLS! Great holiday gift ideas for your favorite DIVABETIC!

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Tote Bag

New Design Cotton Casual Woven Medicine Children's T-shirtDiabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Dark T-Shirt

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Long Sleeve Dark T-S

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Women’s Long Sleeve

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Women’s Dark T-Shirt

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Large Mug

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Mug

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Greeting Cards (Pack

Diabetes DIVABETIC Merchandis Journal

‘D’ Star 2.25″ Button (10 pac

DIVABETIC Marquee Large Mug

Diabetes DIVABETIC Black Cap

‘Sugar’s The Bitch. Not Me’ Best Selling T-Shirt> DIVABETC Best Seller: ‘Sugar’s The Bitch.

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