Five Tips For Every Business Traveler

With millions flying within the US and internationally every day for key business engagements, it is important to be prepared and ready to make the most of your own business trip.

Stay organized and follow these five tips to turn any business flight into the best air time you’ve had.

Tip 1: Travel programs
All frequent fliers should consider joining a travel program – business travelers or not. Business travelling can be tiring and stressful at times, so make sure that you are getting the most out of your flight. Get those airmiles logged and reap the benefits of flight upgrades, access to priority check in and free flights.

Tip 2: Packing
For men and women, overpacking business wear is the most common travel mistake. Learning the art of traveling light will change your life – less to carry, less to stow, less to worry about. Always check:

What is the weather like at your destination?

How long is the trip?

What type of events will you be attending? Do you need to be smart, casual and/or smart-casual?
For formal occasions or conferences, you’ll want dress to impress – but that often means packing a range of outfits or accessories. Losing thse valuables or breaking delicate jewelry in clothes happens all too often in suitcases. Store all valuables in separate containers, like strong jewelry boxes for women or structured travel cases for men, to reduce potential breakages and also keep your choice accessories to a set size.

Tip 3: Hand Luggage

Of all the aeroplane horror stories, lost luggage is one of the worst for business travel – and it happens all too often. So utilize your hand luggage efficiently and you can be sure you won’s get caught in an airport with no change of clothes or important documents you will be needing for the trip. Keep a light change of smart clothes in your hand luggage and any important documents that you can’s risk losing, like visas, your passport, and your all-important work documents.

For men, a light breathable yet smart shirt and pants can easily fit into a backpack. For women, the same light wear work though a dress may be easier and less to pack into your handbags if that’s your style.

Tip 4: Stay Healthy

Men's Dragonsheart Custom Long Sleeve T ShirtsConstantly travelling can tire the body and immune system, so staying hydrated and eating your greens will give you those much-needed vitamins. There may be fast food outlets everywhere in the terminal but avoid at all costs. Keep it light, making it easier for digestion, plus you won’s feel so bloated after landing.

Long haul flights and sitting for just a long period of time in a pressurized space can cause stiffness and achiness. If the situation allows, try getting up and walking up and down the cabin aisle. Simple stretches that engage your leg muscles, like contracting the calf muscles, can ease the stiff feeling.

Tip 5: Flight time = Your time

Use the flight time to relax and gather your thoughts before the meeting. Feel free to go over meeting notes, however, try not to overdo it – take some time out! Take a book or watch a movie to relax and take your mind away from all things business. Also, take the time in your flight to read up on the destination you are flying to – this will make for some good conversation starters.

Finally, enjoy the trip! These trips are great opportunties to get to know your clients or work colleagues. Just follow these simple tips and there’s no reason why business can’t also be pleasure.

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