Funky Disco Costumes Offer Fun Options For Halloween

Men's Cotton Birds Up Short Sleeve Tops TeesThe American music scene made the turn toward disco in the middle part of the 1970s. The sound created when Latin, funk and soul were blending together resulted in a beat that people were able to dance to. The psychedelic influences seen in the clothing styles reflected the roots of the movement that reached back to the decade before. The funky and fun style is instantly recognizable and simple to imitate and that is what makes disco costumes so popular for party goers.

These fashion designs were all about getting noticed at a time with the vibrant club scene was in its infancy. Clothing made a statement, especially on the dance floor. Men were partial to polyester because it was easy to move in. Shiny fabrics were used in button down shirts that were left open at the top. Pants in solid, neutral colors were favored. Clothing for the ladies ranged from jumpsuits and hot pants paired with knee high boots to dresses that flowed and were patterned off popular Halston designs of the day. Fabrics were chosen for the way they reflected light off the ever present disco ball.

Ladies can choose between funky or glam but bright shiny fabrics work best either way. Pantsuits will feature flared legs and bell sleeves that flow freely to the music. Look for fabrics with busy patterns in shades of orange, purple and hot pink.

The disco queen is all sparkle and shine in gold lame that shimmers under the bright lights. She goes for hot pants paired with a Spandex top. Lycra disco pants that hug every curve and a tube top covered with gold or silver sequins is another option. Another appropriate look is a one piece jumpsuit with a halter top and tear drop chest cut out.

Add a hip belt with bold plastic or metal links shaped like circles or squares and you are ready to boogie all night long. Accessories suitable for either look include platform shoes or boots, large hoop earrings in shiny metals or plastics in colors to match the rest of the costume.

Men should also dress to impress. The disco dude was certainly no wallflower and he was not afraid to draw attention to himself. Start the transformation with a pair of polyester pants in white or a suitable neutral color. Add a polyester shirt with pointed lapels that are extra wide. Turn the lapels up and undo the first few buttons on the shirt to expose part of the chest. Hang a few gold chains around the neck along with a medallion and throw on a pair of funky sunglasses.

It is easy to find the perfect costume with inspiration from the colorful world of disco. Flashy fabrics and funky patterns dominated the style and the influence can still be seen in many of the retro fashions of today. Grab your dancing shoes and catch a little aturday Night Fever at your next costume party.

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