Give Life To The Planet By Wearing Eco Friendly T Shirts

Do you know that one of the things that is fast gaining a foothold in the world of fashion is eco friendly t shirts? Yes, there are so many people who are wearing and loving these t shirts. This is because many individuals today came to see that indeed, the environment needs all the help that it can get and choosing eco friendly t shirts is among those simple ways that you can assist.

One good side of eco friendly t shirts is that they are not usually made in sweatshops. This means that fair labor practices were observed. Employees were given good working conditions and are well-compensated for the work rendered.

Eco friendly t shirts are also made from organic cotton. This means that the raw cotton used were not given any chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides. They were instead given compost or animal manure.

If you are still wondering what chemical based pesticides and fertilizers can do, you would be horrified to find out that cotton workers who are exposed to such chemicals become prone to illnesses such as cancer. Living creatures in the surrounding area of the cotton fields, such as birds, get sick or die from exposure. The natural nutrients in the soil are also destroyed.

But all these can be augmented whenever you wear eco friendly t shirts. It may be a simple act, but it is one way that you can express your support to the environment, and to manufacturers who advocate the same.

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If you are thinking that eco friendly t shirts are only made of either brown or green, since these are the “earth” colors, then you will be surprised that there is a wide range of colors and designs of these types of t shirts.

You can find orange, red, pink, blue, white, yellow, and other pastel shades. When it comes to the type of t shirts, you have round-neck, V-neck, and polo shirts.

You will surely feel proud once you walk the streets wearing these eco friendly t shirts. You are already expressing your support for the environment, for fair labor practices, and you surely get the highest quality unadulterated cotton that you can find.

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