Hot T Shirt Styles For Summer 2017

With the current gloomy weather and nights drawing in, you might think that summer 2011 is a very long time away. But in the fashion world, that’s not the case at all. The catwalks are full of summer styles which will be hitting the shops as early as January. Before you know it, the sun will be out again and you’ll be enjoying strolls in the park. But what will you be wearing? One thing that’s certain within fashion is that last years clothing just won’t do for the next season. The aim of this article is to look at what styles are set to be hot for summer 2011.

T shirt Colours
Summer colours are always much nicer than the drab winter colours and next summer is no different. Browns, black and greys are definitely out of style for the warmer weather. Instead you need to look at more vibrant colours and there are two key spectrum that are set to be in trend. The first is the warm palette containing reds and oranges. From this palette, bright pink is set to be one of the key colours for the summer. The second palette of colours are water based such as blue and turquoise. From this palette aquamarine is due to be very popular.

It’s also important to remember that colour also conveys mood and personality and this is no different when wearing coloured t shirts. Bright pink conveys passion and joy whilst aquamarine conveys calmness and tranquility.

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T shirt Fits
The fit of the t shirt is very important for next season too. Relaxed styles with lots of material are out whilst more fitted styles than cling to the contours of the body are in. Round necks are the cut of choice and to reflect the warm weather short sleeves will be in style, as will sleeveless vests.

The hem of the designer t shirts end on the hips, a slightly longer style than seen across the last couple of seasons. This length is designed to cover the top of the jeans or shorts and is the complete opposite of the baggy underwear waistband look seen last summer.

T shirt Styles
Last summer the key trend was for heavily embellished t shirts which featured studs, glitter and contrasting materials. This look is a thing of the past and for next summer embellishments are out of trend. Instead, t shirts will feature bold vintage inspired styles. Police 883 t shirts include a range of styles which are set to be hot next summer. One such style is the Toby t shirt which is available in purple – a colour from the warm palette and aqua – a colour from the water based palette. This Police t shirt features silver, pink and black print to the front for an up to date look.

For those who prefer a polo style of t shirt, the Police 883 t shirts range also includes some simple designs which will look great on a warm summer’s day. The Gasquet t shirt is available in pink and red as well as purple, azure and green.

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