How Can Short People Wear Flat Ankle Boots?

Though flat ankle boots are a hot trend for the fashionable, they can pose a problem for those on the shorter side of the height spectrum. But just because you don’t possess a certain body type doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with fashion and make it work for you. While some garments, accessories and footwear contain attributes that look better on some than others, there’s no reason why these items can’t be tweaked in order to fit your specifications. Ankle boots are known not only for their great style but also their comfort, and short people can look and feel their best in these boots by pairing them properly.

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Dresses, both sexy and sweet, are great pairings for ankle boots, but pay close attention to length to pull off this look. Dresses should be short when wearing ankle boots, otherwise you will create an awkward cut-off point that can make legs appear short and stubby.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans and ankle boots can be a great pairing for petites, so long as the length is just right. You’ll want to sport a pair of jeans that makes you look long and lean, perfectly accomplished by a great-fitting pair of skinnies. A go-to look for the fashion forward during the fall months, the styling possibilities for this combo are endless. For a sophisticated look, a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, neutral-colored ankle boots and a simple black T-shirt and leather jacket is a great way to go. Choose a color of boot similar to the shade of jeans to elongate the legs and form a more flattering shape.

While it might seem like an odd pairing at first, shorts are an awesome way to rock a pair of ankle boots, so long as the proportions are correct. For a pair of short, classic denim cut-offs, a suede flat ankle boot pairing is cute and chic. For nights out, pair short shorts in a bright shade with a neutral-colored ankle boot to showcase a killer pair of legs as well as a killer fashion sense.

Ankle boots can look fab with many pairings and a short skirt is no exception. Whether it’s a skin-tight bandage skirt or a flared skirt that’s cute and sweet, as long as you avoid pencil skirts and midi-skirts that can make legs appear tiny, this pairing is a great choice for making a statement. While ankle boots can be tricky to wear for shorter gals, they can look chic, trendy and sophisticated when worn the proper way.

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