How To Create Applique T-shirt For World AIDS Day

Women's Splat and Prey Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsThis impending December, the world will observe the World AIDS Day. Let this one entire day speak for the suffering and hardships of being the carrier of the virus. Don’s just stand there; you should make a move in any manners possible. How about crafting your own shirt? A shirt can be a testament that you are standing firm for these persons. If you will be crafting a logo imprinted t-shirt for such affair, a simple applique shirt will do. Here are the directions on how you would create an applique shirt in commemoration of World AIDS Day.

Look for a t-shirt of your liking. It can either be a promotional long sleeve or short sleeve shirts depending on your preference. Just make sure that you are comfortable wearing it. If it is a brand new one, pre-wash it so the design that you will affix on it will not be runny. More than that, secure the quality of the t-shirt. It should boast of high grade fabric that will not lose its color when washed repetitively.

Moreover, since you will be doing a logo printed shirt for the World AIDS Day, make sure that the t-shirt will establish a contrast to the color red. A red ribbon is the symbol of the sickness. For your applique to stand out from the crowd capitalize on light colored shirt for optimum results.

Get all the equipments that you need like a piece of fabric, tracing paper, pins, scissors, pencil, fusible web and a roll of thread. If you have a sewing machine, it would be better, easier and more convenient.

Sketch the applique design and trace it onto the tracing paper. It would be nice if you would follow the traces of the design would come out exquisite and even. Get the cotton fabric and pin it onto the applique blueprint and cut it out.

Fuse the applique design onto the cheap promotional t-shirts and just follow the instructions of use on it package. Once you are done with it, sew the edges using a sewing machine to keep the applique blueprint sturdy on its place.

These are the simple directions on how you would fabricate an applique t-shirt for the World AIDS Day. If you emerge successfully with your intentions to stand up, continue making applique shirts. You might not know it would spark a new business opportunity for you. If that would be the case, use cheap wholesale t-shirts so you can attain discount.

Xio Mai Ang is a guest writer for logo imprinted shirts and promotional shortsleeve shirts. Read more articles by Xio Mai Ang here.

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