How To Make Simple Yet Amazing Jewelry From Recycled Materials

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All those old t-shirts, shirts, dresses and scarves can be now put to great use by making gorgeous necklaces with them. Cut together strips of a variety of fabrics, roll up these strips, and braid them together to make a simple necklace. Choose the combination of colors and fabrics wisely. For instance, you could make a braided necklace with an orange scarf and a black t-shirt for a color contrast and a contrast in texture. Another great idea is to take an old electrical wire (they make the best chains for recycled necklaces), measured to the size of your neck and a little extra for leeway, and start by balling up a piece of fabric at one end (a medium size), followed by a button from an old blouse, and a piece of fabric, and then a button, in an alternating fashion, up to the other end. Finally, connect a silver hook to the wire, and you are good to go.

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