How Wearing An Exercise Weight Vest Can Maximize Your Workout

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Whether you are an athlete or not, you can greatly improve your body’s muscles and general fitness level if you use an exercise weight vest while exercising. Weight vests are used frequently by athletes to improve their performance in a particular sport activity. However, you most certainly do not need to be a hard core athlete in order to enjoy the advantages of a weight vest. The theory is pretty simple. Adding additional weight to your body core will increase burning of calories during normal everyday activities or low impact workouts. Some of these weights are even comfy enough to be worn under a T-shirt while doing yard chores such as mowing the lawn or gardening.

An exercise weight vest is essentially a jacket with weight bars which add weight to your body while you jog, run or even walk. This added weight provides resistance, which in turn increases the amount of effort you body needs to move forward, thus strengthening muscles and ligaments when you move. Weighted vests normally are outfitted with double – closure systems which keep the vest in place even during extreme demanding workouts. Weighted vests are quite possibly the most adaptable sports and fitness training equipment to make the most of calorie burning, muscle toning and strength building.

An effectual exercise with a vest placed on your upper body can increase the speed at which you develop muscles, burn fat and change excess fat into muscle mass. It is no secret that serious athletes and the armed forces have been using weighted vests for years. A vest will make any exercise much more taxing, from a simple stretch to cycling or running. Wear a weighted vest even just for stretching and feel the extra effort required to complete the exercise.

Do you walk as a form of exercise? Many people do, but did you know that you can increase calories burned by simply wearing an exercise weight vest when you go walking? A simple walk can become an outstanding training exercise by wearing a vest with a few pounds added to it. Your body will build up on cardiovascular capacity taking into account the extra weight it is carrying. Today’s weight vests are comfortable, stylish, amendable and allow you to start with a very manageable weight. If you are trying to sustain a low impact workout while walking, weight vests will place an added resistance in the most ideal position on your body.

Use These Tips to Help You Lose Weight with Weight Vests

  1. Wear the vest while performing routine chores like vacuuming and cleaning the garage.
  2. Begin with 2 percent of your body weight in the vest and set a goal to increase gradually to 10 percent
  3. Wear the vest while walking the dog or participating in light jogging
  4. The fit of the exercise weight vest is also an important concern. Since you are adding additional resistance to your body, it is of utmost importance that your vest fits properly and snugly.

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