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Hear that? That the sound of great ideas busting out of creative heads as designers and illustrators dig deep and get stuck into the brief for our Interpret Durban T-shirt design contest! Now, for those who live in the city or have visited it, it’l be easy to come up with Interpret Durban T-shirt design inspiration. But for those who live elsewhere, this post is designed to provide some ideas to get the inspiration flowing. For those too lazy to do a thorough Google (shame on you!) here are the basics. Durban the South African city on the Indian Ocean where sun, sea and sand provide the setting for many cultures – Zulu, Indian and English heritage have all played a part in shaping the city identity. It subtropical and the surf is world-class, which is why surf and skate culture a big deal. Durban also renowned for providing an incubation space for all sorts of creativity – some of South Africa most famous names in design, fashion and art have gone on to become very big deals indeed. Must be something to do with the humid summers and the plentiful greenery. So – check out these images and think of them when creating your amazing T-shirt designs! OK, so top of the list of Durban icons? Zulu culture. Spend any time in Durban, and the patterns and designs of Zulu culture will stand out – they’e geometric, bold and are used in the design of everything from beadwork to weaving and much more besides. The Zulu are the nation of warriors who took on the British empire, and gave them hell. Any walk along the Durban beachfront will reveal ladies from Zululand selling amazing beadwork – and of course the awesome warm-water surf breaks that the city known for. Over the years Durban has given rise to a number of world-class surfers, among them Shaun Tomson, Martin Potter and the legendary Jordy Smith. It no surprise that one of the city many nicknames is Surf City. Of course any mention of Durban culture would have to include the colourful and vibrant Indian culture the city known for. From brightly decorated Hindu temples to the equally colorful spice vendors of the Vic Street Market, Durban is home to the largest population of Indians outside of India, and their contribution to the culture of Stone City can’s be understated. Wherever you go in the inner city, amazing aromas of curry and incense fills the air. The bunny chow (a hot curry poured into a hollowed-out loaf of bread) is an authentic Durban Indian culinary experience and fills the bellies of thousands of city residents every day. Beyond these prominent cultural influences, there a lot more to Durban – from the lush subtropical jungle to the port (third busiest in the Southern Hemisphere) and the outstanding examples of Art Deco architecture, there a lot that can provide great subject matter for creating your design. Ready to get creative? Well OK – we e supplied the inspirational ideas and images – now it over to you. Get busy creating the ultimate design that simple screams HIS IS DURBAN! submit them and you could be in line to win one of the Wacom Intuos or the R2000 up for grabs. For more ideas, check out last year winning designs in the tee design category – or take yourself over to the Interpret Durban Facebook page for even more Durbancentric content.

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