Laura Kepner-Adney: I Live In Tucson, Arizona, And This Is My Style

Fashion Cotton Casual Wavebrush stroke (red) Children's T-shirtAs a bartender, I often judged and compensated based on how Men’s Decor with eagles Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt I look. I like to keep things simple and clean, and hate worrying too much. I probably focus the most on my hair. I e got a ton of it, and it long and wavy, so it can easily overshadow my clothing. While none of my employers have a specific dress code, the service industry nature of my jobs require that I present in a way that is pleasing to the customer. Tips are a very easy way to quantify how well I coming across. My rule these days, according to tips, is this: Danskos for comfort, pencil skirt for comfort and fun, T-shirt for comfort, fun and to support my friends or brands I like, hair down because it giant and awesome and big earrings because with giant hair, who is going to see small earrings?

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