Major Styles Of Men’s Shirts

Almost every second person owns some designer mens shirts. Designer shirts should fit the body of the person who will use and wear them. The major types or styles of designer men shirts are

Athletic fit men shirts: if the built of the man is slim, fit and fine, he can use a shirt with athletic style. These shirts are tapered in much more sophisticated way than the most common designer modern shirts. Some of the famous brands like Hugo Boss, Armando, Calvin Klein etc provide the best athletic shirts and mens wear. One can use these type of mens shirts while going for a party, club meet or bar. You can also wear them while going for outings or picnic and barbeque. Apart from that, these shirts can also be used as formal business dress shirt as they will represent you as a sharp and keen business representative. Athletic fit shirts are the best choice for slimmer men because the other type of shirts such as modern or classic may make them look like envelope in a bag.

Modern fit mens wear shirt: These types of mens wear shirts are very popular these days. Often people prefer to use and wear the modern fit shirts as formal wears for offices and business events. Furthermore, you can also use these shirts as an ideal choice while clubbing or visiting a restaurant for fine dining. Such types of shirts are tapered one that are also known as semi-fit shirts. If you are a man with an average built body, these shirts will fit over you in most impressive way. These shirts suits with a person who is not overweight and also, he is not very thin. Such type of shirts enhances and suggests the outline of your better built and hence these are becoming more and more popular.

Classic fit shirts for men: These types of shirts are the traditional mens shirts. One can find these shirts in almost every departmental store. These shirts do not contain any tapering. These shirts are preferred by people with strong built or if they have a little more fat. If you are not as attractively fit with your body, these shirts will provide you better look. One can use these shirts at all formal places including offices and business meet while these shirts also proves to be sporty while clubbing, dancing at bars or dining at hotels.

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