Making The Perfect Supply Kit For The Crafter You Love

Women's Cotton Microcone Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIf you are a crafter or scrapbooker, you probably know someone who is as enthusiastic about making things as you are. And you probably also know many others who have never tried crafting and swear they don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. Both types of friends are a great opportunity to share your love of crafting, with a “made to order” Crafting Kit as a special gift.

When creating a gift for the seasoned crafter or scrapbooker, get a feel for what they already love. Is it fabric crafts? Candles? Stenciling or stamping? Card making? What are their tastes in colors, styles and embellishments? What have they finished lately – and what projects have been languishing?

For the non-crafters in your life (who need some serious converting), consider what other interests they have. Do they travel? Raise a family? Cook or read? Do they admire certain artists or decorating styles? Do they like the things you create?

Now, think about these craft kit gift ideas. They are more than gifts – they are an opportunity to create something wonderful.

Candlemaking 101
Take an aluminum saucepan – an old one is fine – or buy a new wax melting pot. Fill it with the basics: paraffin, stearic acid, candle wicks, a wax thermometer, fragrance oils, and wax dyes (or crayons). Include a mold and instructions. For the seasoned candle maker, get extravagant with the scents and dyes, as well as specialty wicks. Tie it all up in a ribbon.

Embroidery Fun

Take an embroidery hoop and several needles, a pattern and instructions, and enough embroidery thread to finish it. Fold them all into a plain shirt or jacket that is crying for embellishment and place in pretty box. Choose the difficulty of the pattern for the beginner or expert.

Beading Time

Start with an empty egg carton. Fill each compartment with an assortment of beads, sequins, and other stringables. Include several yards of beading thread or wire, and instructions for an appropriate project like a pin or bracelet.

Decoupage Your Heart Out

Start with a plain paper mache box or container, or an empty cigar box. Fill it with the essentials: decoupage medium, brushes in various sizes, manicure scissors, and patterned paper, collage sheets, or printed vintage images. Write “Decoupage Me” on the box and tie with a ribbon.

Crochet Anyone?

Begin with a simple sewing case or gift bag. Fill it with several crochet hooks and skeins of yarn, a yarn needle and a beginner’s book of small projects.

Stamping Mad

Into a gift box, put an assortment of rubber stamps for an upcoming holiday or event, stamp pads in several colors, a blender pen, and blank card stock and envelopes. Address one to you.

Paper Mache Dreams

Combine a package of small, round balloons, a bottle of liquid starch, craft paints, and instructions for several beginner projects like hanging jack o’lanterns, Easter Eggs or Christmas balls. Wrap the box in newspaper with a bow made of torn strips.

Stencil It In

Fill a plain paper mache or cardboard gift box with an assortment of small craft stencils, acrylic paints, tape or stencil adhesive, and stencil brushes, as well as spray varnish or lacquer.

Gingerbread Mobile Home

For the cook, find a good gingerbread house project, buy all of the imperishable ingredients, forms and decorations, throw in a set of wooden spoons, and deliver it all in a basket saying “Congratulations On Your New House!”

Ribbon, Ribbon, I’ve Been Thinkin’

For the amateur weaver, find project instructions of simple woven placemats made of ribbon on a fusible web backing. Supply the plans, the webbing, and all of the ribbon for a full set. Put it in a bog with the tag “I’ll be over for dinner in three weeks.”

Scraps Again?

Select a recent photographed event in your friend’s life. Gather together a small scrapbook, appropriate papers and embellishments to fit the theme. Add whatever essentials, like glue sticks and mounting squares, you think will be necessary. Present them in a gift bag, with an offer to go through the photos and help get the layout planned.

I hope these ideas are enough to get your creative engine turning. These gifts can be made even more personal with your offer to help them get started. You may discover that you have kindled a dormant crafting interest – or sparked an aficionado’s ambitions.

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