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Women's Custom Modern City Short Sleeve Tee ShirtSuper Junior, Big Bang and Rain are just some of Korea’s popular boy bands and artist that are dominating the big screens nowadays. People tend to go crazy over their songs, shows and especially their fashion. In today’s generation Korean fashion are amongst the most popular trend most teenagers and fashion setters are copying. From hairstyles, cute apparels like blazers that you can wear to casual to formal look and crazy hairs.

Most likely this is one of the best ways to blend in most of the Korean crowds. Here are some fashionable Korean male fashion styles that can serve as your guide. It’s up to you on how you mix and match it as long as it is fashionably acceptable.

* Pastel colors are a hit! Who says pink and yellow are just for girls. Not in Korean fashion. Preppy look is definitely on trend this season. Light pink, baby pink, purplish pink, and all kinds of pink. I don’t know what’s with this pastel colors that Korean men prefers. Maybe, this palette signifies youth which is very important with Koreans.

* Glitter, Shimmer and Sparkle Have you seen K-pop videos? Obviously their clothes are dominantly covered with sparkles. Even female Korean make ups, glitters and shimmers is a must.

* Nerdy Sunglasses and Hippy Shades Black nerdy shades started in Korean fashion. It shows innocence and school boy type of dressing. Hippy shades on the other hand makes you look cool and adds spunk to your outfit.

* Scarves Scarves are also a trend since Korea also experience cold weather. With a trendy jacket, a scarf adds color or mutes a loud color blocking.

* Bags Messenger bag, Man purse or whatever you call it. Bags are a necessity when it comes to male Korean fashion. Since Koreans bring so many things, especially gadgets.

* Shoes Shoes are important to Korean males. Shoes add points to the overall outfit. Pointed shoes, graphic and shiny shoes are some of the hits.

* Camouflage Yes…camouflage is in trend this summer and spring in Korea. Camou prints, pants, jackets, shoes, etc. are worn anywhere. It comes in different colors including pink, not just the ordinary dark colored camouflage that military men wear.

* Tight fitting Pants and Shorts Skinny jeans and shorts are mostly worn by Korean men. Besides that it is tight, these jeans appeals beyond the skater type, rockers and hipsters. The trick is to wear fitted shirts with pointed shoes. Anything that is also fitted, not loose since you don’t want to look like a hanger, don’t you?

Koreans have never been more fashionable, especially when it comes to fashion for men. This only shows that Korea is now more open to a new breed of fashion. They even conquered Fashion Weeks of different cities like London, New York, etc. With their simple but unique style, they definitely catch everybody’s attention. Korea is slowly claiming the title of being the Asia’s Fashion Central. Remember it is not the outfit that will carry you but rather how you carry the outfit.

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