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T-Shirts are incredibly popular, everyone owns at least one, they vary from cheap to expensive to casual to formal and can be bought in almost all clothing shops. Yet they never seem to lose their popularity. Firstly the idea they have become part of our lives and general clothing suggests they will never lose their popularity, even if they are plain, simple and cheaply made. The idea about putting any design possible onto a T-Shirt means that there is an endless supply of designs available.

With large and exclusive brands selling their T-Shirts at a high price with simple yet effective designs there is a potentially unlimited amount of money that can be made. New brands such as “joystick junkies” sell top quality T-Shirts at a reasonable price with funky new age designs such as a space invader T-Shirt that is proving to be very popular. The benefit of purchasing new exclusive T-Shirt brands beings us to the idea of popularity and the separatism you get from the crowd. Buy purchasing unknown exclusive brands that are trendy and in line with the current fashion you will have clothing that many people do not, making you the subject of advancing fashion.

Women's Cotton Kamikazee Short Sleeve T-ShirtMany people who purchase these exclusive styles of clothing are trend setters, usually very popular and confident. This is what most people want to be. Therefore there is a huge market for exclusive cutting edge designs for T-Shirts. These trends begin to grow even more once celebrities are caught wearing exclusive clothes, which simmer down on to the general public in order for them to feel like their favorite celebrate and parade round in style. With the popularity of the clothes celebrities wear, many celebs have produced their own clothing brands such as rapper, Pharrell, who owns “billionaire boys club” that sells exclusive clothing that he wears in his videos. Fans spend hundreds of pounds on his clothing brand in order to have clothing that the millionaire rap-star owns. By owning a something he owns there is a cognation between them.

By purchasing exclusive brand clothing you are subject to becoming more popular and fashion worthy. With these exclusive brand T-Shirts in particular, it is possible for one to see that with the growing popularity of celebrities and status, with their own clothing brand on sales, gives fans the opportunities to dress like them. This personal involvement with the celebrity shows off your wealth and status to be in accordance with the celeb. By having this connection there are strong connotations given off when compared to other people who do not have these exclusive expensive T-Shirts.

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