Music Promotion Through Band Clothing

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Do you have what it takes to be a musician? Do you have an ample supply of talented friends to start a band? And finally, do you have a plan? These are some of the few questions that one should ask oneself in the event that they found themselves imagining what life could possibly be once you are in the music industry. If you happen to consider the idea of making a career out of music making, the way that you plan to market your music is one important question that you should first ask yourself.

It would also help if you would identify first your target market so you could come up with a more suitable and feasible marketing plan for your music. Knowing who your potential fans and followers are would make it easier for you to think about the strategy that you are about to work on to get your music into their system.

Remember, the music industry is quite dynamic and competitive nowadays. There is said to be a large gap between your music and a potential fan and an even larger gap between your music and a record label. Having a sound marketing plan could help you bridge this gap and eventually make you a step closer to that record label.

One of the most efficient marketing plans for a neophyte musician is through self-promotion. With the advancement of the internet, self-promotion could be done easily. You don’t need quite a sum of money to go about with your self-promotion online. There are some social networking sites where you could sign up for free and you could advertise or share your music to your network at any given time. If you are really a talented musician, then chances are word about you would spread in no time.

If you have somewhat established yourself and you have the money already, why not consider starting a custom band merchandise line? It is best to start with a t-shirt. Did you know that a band t-shirt could bring you places? It could provide you or your band the publicity that you need and of course the affection from your fans. A band t-shirt works for two ways. It serves as a self-expression of your fan and a lifetime memorabilia. And as for you, band t-shirts work perfectly as a mobile advertising too. If your t-shirt design is pretty catchy then chances are people would notice and they would be interested on your music.

Other than t-shirt, you could also use other custom band merchandise to promote your band. This could be included, but of course not limited to CD’s, posters, stickers, shirts, pins and others. Just think about anything you think your fans would enjoy purchasing. You don’t have to make your band merchandise very complicated, in fact, a simple band t-shirt could already do wonders.

If you are still at a loss on how should you promote your music or band, start with the band t-shirt. Make sure that you have a catchy design, the kind of design that could stimulate the interest of random people who would get to see the t-shirt to the point that they would look it up at their favorite social networking site or through the internet.

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