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When the seasons change from warm to cold or vice versa, you can begin to feel as though you have nothing to wear. But before you run off to completely rebuild your wardrobe, stop. There are things you can use from season to season. Save yourself cash.

Women's Print Line Evolution 2 Short Sleeve T ShirtsYou can learn the elements that make up a successful and flattering wardrobe without having to invest major sums of money.

Don’s underestimate the power of the Basics. When your closet is missing the basics, it like an actress on the red carpet without a designer gown. You cannot do without them.

Remember these important points about the basics.

Choose items that are appropriate for every season and do not follow any extreme trends. This is what is meant by lassic items and they are things that have a flattering fit without being too tight. It doesn’s matter how expensive a piece of clothing is if it doesn’s fit properly, and keep to colors that look good on you and coordinate with each other.

The first step is to reorganize your closet, many of us have no idea what we have. Once you have it all out, categorize the items as seasonless or season-specific.

Separate out your transitional pieces and place them in their own group. You can organize them by hanger color or in a special section of your closet; then it will be easier to spot what you are missing.

Make sure that your wardrobe contains the following items.

White oxford shirt (opt for long sleeves, rolled up the shirt is now a summer piece) Black shirt Denim jacket perfect jeans khaki twill pants solid short sleeve T-shirts solid short sleeve tank tops

Give new life to your old stand-byes. Don’s immediately store your seasonal clothing when the season ends, take a good look at what you have.

Create a new look by taking last seasons sweater shell and pairing it with a mini skirt. Combing khaki trousers with a hip halter is another way to breathe new life into items already ion your wardrobe.

Accessories play an important role in helping you create new ensembles with what you already own. The right accessory can update a simple look for the season.

Accessories make an ensemble more unique and individual. Classics become fresher and less basic when you put accessories with them.

A touch of pink on an all black outfit will make it look brighter. Espadrilles can add a funky punch to your favorite pair of jeans. Replace a basic purse with a bamboo handled handbag for a versatile look for day or night.

Take a basic ensemble to a summer ready style by adding a puka shell necklace, a beach style straw purse and don’s forget the flip flops.

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