Pairing Jeans With Footwear

Jeans go with just about anything and have long been a staple of men fashion. However, sometimes choosing footwear to match them can be tricky. Not only does the color of your shoes need to match the color of your jeans, but also whatever shirt and jacket you are wearing. Style is another big concern. The following guide can help you wisely choose the footwear you pair with your jeans.

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The first tip is to never wear sneakers meant for the gym, sports or exercise with your jeans, unless you are out walking, going to the gym or doing some other physical activity of course. Gym shoes as part of casual wear was popular in the 90 , but now there is no quicker way to date your look.

Do update your jeans with street smart sneakers. Unlike those worn out gym shoes, street style sneakers have a sharp, urban look. Look for a pair of leather sneakers with velcro closures. Another popular option is the classic Converse lace up shoe in suede. This is one sneaker that works with just about any casual look.

Loafers are another good choice for footwear, they look good with button-down shirts. Because loafers have a more dressy look to them they are good for a variety of events and situations, but since they slip on they are still comfy and casual.

When it comes to your shoes tone and color are important. If you are wearing dark jeans try to wear black or brown footwear. When you are wearing lighter-colored or wash jeans then light footwear is acceptable. Light footwear with dark jeans is not very flattering so go with something that compliments the jeans.

Do wear flip flops or sandals in the summer. Nothing says summer casual better then a simple pair of sandals or flip flops. Matched with a pair of cropped jeans and a comfy t-shirt, and you are ready for a relaxing day. You can wear them with full length jeans if you are careful about the hem. Avoid wearing jeans where the hem drags on the ground rather than just brushes it, otherwise you will destroy the hem and look like a mess.

Boots and jeans are also a good match, whether they are more dressy or more casual. But this is a look more suitable for work environments and may be a bit much for casual social scenarios. Wear a suede, cord or leather jacket and dark or beige suede boots with jeans for a perfect winter look.

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