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Women's Cotton Musical Transition II Short Sleeve T ShirtsOur super bright and happy collection is the answer for capturing your colorful memories and everyday life in a [email protected]!

Our [email protected]! inspiration page for wonderful ideas, tips and design concepts from our amazing Simple Stories design team! These talented ladies have created [email protected]! albums, pages and divided page protector designs to inspire you and help you create your very own colorful and creative album!

This has been quite the year for the Holmes Crew. From the birth of our first grandson to my daughter’s wedding, this year has had quite a few highlights and the year isn’t even over yet! I knew the minute I saw the new [email protected]! collection that it would be perfect to document all those memories. My binder choice was orange…bright, happy and cheerful…the perfect color to document such an amazing year!

I left the chipboard tab dividers in the album to separate my album into quarters or seasons. I purposefully left these almost “naked” as a place to rest in an otherwise busy album.

I used the Simple Basics 6×8 pages to separate my album into months. Each month is introduced the same way with a different color banner created with the Color Vibe collection. On top of the banner, I have placed the month stickers from the Calendar cardstock stickers sheet.

The inside came together super easy with all the amazing product from the Color Vibe, Core Life, and Snap Life Collection kits…

When creating my pages I added photos and elements to the page protectors, placing stickers and journaling strips on top of the page protectors. I love the variety this provides. Each page is unique but still coordinates with the entire book.

It a [email protected]! to Save Money with Extreme Couponing

Have you ever watched the show Extreme Couponing and thought, here is NO way you can save that much or get things for free ๏ธนโ‚ฌ?I hoping my post might just change your mind and inspire you to not only save a little money, but to use your [email protected] products in fun and practical ways. That receipt is a legitimate purchase I made with coupons at my local Safeway and if you visit my blog today, I’l give you some savvy tips for saving.

The Simple Stories 6×8 album is not just for pictures and memorabilia, I have found that it is the perfect size for storing my coupons. The clear 4×6 and 3×4 pockets keep me organized and make it so easy to see my coupons. And, the size of the album easily fits in my purse, so I don’s have to worry about the bulk of a big binder – plus it is so lightweight.

These little binders make it so easy to stay organized. I e actually gotten comments at the grocery story about how nice my system is for holding my coupons, not to mention the custom design with the [email protected]! collection.

I recommend using some packing tape or contact paper to seal the design of the cover so that the paper and embellishments stay in their pristine condition with all of the use your album will get. I had a great time combining the [email protected] alphabets with this 3 x 4 [email protected]! card to make my sassy title.

Kellie created a [email protected]! album to highlight her son elementary school years. Kellie states “What I found great about using the Snap album for this was I have always had so many school photos laying around but I have never done anything with them” and the [email protected]! album was perfect for my project!

For the album cover I used the little cardboard sleeve that comes on the album when you get it, to make a removable cover that slides on and off. Just in case I change my mind about what I want the cover to look like.

Many of the pages highlight pockets that can easily be made from the 4 x 6 cards.

The really large photos like the 8×10 cut down really nicely to fit into the 6×8 page protectors, and the label stickers make it even easier to scrap these.

I have so much of my son art work in boxes, I took some of his art from each year in school, cut it down and slid it into a 6×8 page protector, and of course added a label sticker!

I have to admit that normally it takes me quite some time to put together a mini album. But when I decided that I wanted to create a mini about our family’s 1st trip to Disneyland using the new [email protected]! collection … well, it just came together so quickly!

I am thrilled at how Simple Stories has come up with products, colorful designs and embellishments that make this album come to life in no time. I love the colors & designs because they are simple that they don’t distract from the theme of my album. Yet they add the pizazz & freshness that I wanted this album to have.

For example the teals and reds are so vibrant & exciting to me so I used that color combo on my cover … along with a few other embellishments.

I wanted to keep the chipboard dividers as simple as possible. Here’s a look at the first one in my album – describing what’s about to happen in our family.

Last Christmas my parents gave each of our children (my brother’s children too) a Christmas present. Inside was a t-shirt that read “I’m going to Disneyland”, a packet that told them Grandma & Grandpa were taking all of us to Disneyland in March. They were so excited!!

I used the 6×8 Teal Binder, the pages that are included inside that, and the [email protected]! Pages (Color Fusion – 4015 & So Random 4017) for the pages inside my album.

I loved using the 3×4 [email protected]! Cards (Snappy Days 4008), (Snappy Thoughts 4007), (Snappy Sayings 4006) because these were such a great size to add onto the chipboard dividers and over the top of some of the 4×6 [email protected]! Cards (Snappy Days 4011), (Snappy Thoughts 4010). I also liked the smaller scaled version (from the 6×6 pads) to cut out some of the bubble words, phrases, bingo cards, etc.

I love adding dimension using pop dots when adhering the [email protected]! Stickers (Icons – 4018) and the finishing touches on many of my pages I used the [email protected]! Labels (4019) and Letters (4020).

I was almost giddy when I saw the fabulous collection of [email protected]! Pockets (4012, 4013 and 4014). I used a few of these throughout my album to hold the letter my folks gave to my children at Christmas and for our airline tickets. I’ll use some more to store other things like the Disneyland maps and other fun memorabilia.

Recently I joined Instagram and decided to print all my favorite Instagram photos in a 2×2 size. Then I wondered what in the world I was going to do with all these little Instaram photos. Enter [email protected]! A [email protected]! album dedicated to Instagram pictures was the perfect way to save all these little photos AND document so many everyday moments.

All the [email protected]! products are perfect for journaling everyday memories and organizing everyday photos. I used a page to mark each month. Each monthly page also has a pocket to house extra photos or small bits of memorabilia from that month. Within each month I can use a variety of page protectors and pages and different journaling cards depending on how many photos I have from each event. I am so excited to finally have a place to keep all my Instagram photos and a way to preserve all the everyday moments I capture with them!

This summer, we went on our very first family vacation. We spent several nights around the Twin Cities in Minnesota and had such a fun time. [email protected]! made it so easy to create a mini album of our vacation together and it was fun to pull in other travel products I have been wanting to use.

For the cover, I pulled out many products with “hello” on them and then added “Vacation” using the alphabet stickers and labels. I also wanted a calendar to share the date when we went on vacation so I cut that out from one of the Simple Basics patterned papers. I also tied a little wood veneer car to the cover with twine.

I used one of the chipboard inserts as a cover sheet. I had a map stamp from Cocoa Daisy that I heat embossed and then highlighted where we went with a heart sticker and “love this” sentiment. And it was fun to add the “who, what, when, where” details with the tabs that I cut out from Snappy Thoughts 4×6 cards.

For the inside cover, I used another Snappy Thoughts 4×6 card to share a few more details about our vacation. And for page one, I started using the divided page protectors.

Here are the next two pages…I’m keeping everything super simple! Some pockets, I just slide in a card or photo with minimal embellishments. I’m really loving the options for journaling!

And a couple more pages…again, mostly the photos, a little patterned paper and a few stickers here and there..

As someone who attempted Project Life last year and failed after about two months, I really wanted to make this an album that I felt I could actually keep up with. It is a sort of spin off of PL ๎›‡ favorite photos album. Each month I plan on printing a few of my favorite family photos and filling up those little pockets with pictures that make me smile. (However, for now those pockets are filled up with adorable Simple Stories cards since this album will start with January 2013). Once I know exactly which photos are going to go into each pocket I plan on embellishing all of the pockets accordingly with all of the [email protected]! goodness!!!!

After Aiden was born on May 1st I wanted to make sure to capture as much as possible, the big and the little things. Since babies grow so fast I knew I needed an easy way to document it all. I searched for the right suplies….till I got to see the [email protected]! sneaks!! This was it, I just knew it…So I have been waiting for it to get here ๐Ÿ™‚ The colors are just perfect to use for a baby album!

I started my album with the story about giving labor to Aidan….it was quit the story lol.

In the pocket you see here I have put some pictures that are not for everyone to see but are very special. Aiden only seconds after being born.

I am putting this album together month by month. From each month I will write down the highlight and ad pictures to go with the story.

I did make an exception for the first four weeks.

So after the first four weeks here you see his second month

Let’s take a jump to his sixth month! Thats were we are now. (The 3 months in between I still have to do but you need to know I did all this in about 6 hours!! So it won’t be to much of a problem catching up on those.)

Here I printed the story about this month on one of the pages.

See here how layering some stickers can create a great embellishment?!!

Working with [email protected]! is so much fun!! In May 2013 I will have finished this album which than make a great resume of his first year and I am sure in between I will find a good excuse to start on a second album, just for the fun of it!!

I decided to use my [email protected]! album to record little things about my son Luke. What makes this unique is that I’m creating it FOR him- something that he is allowed to flip through as he wants and that we can read together. I wanted to document the things he is into, the places he’s visited, and our family members that we don’t get to see often so they all stay fresh in his mind.

I used a portion of the [email protected]! Journaling patterned paper (2804) to record some of Luke’s “currents”. I love that the journaling prompts are already there for you on many of the [email protected]! pages!

I also utilized the 4×6 photo transparencies throughout my album- they add a lot of interest to a photo and really don’t take much effort at all! I use my regular ATG adhesive as it doesn’t show through.

I used a mix of divided page protectors and the [email protected]! Pages- on this particular one I stuck the biggest [email protected]! pocket on to house some artwork. Since this is Luke’s album, he can change out the art when he makes something new!

I had such a great time putting this album together and will continue to add to it until its full to the brim. I also plan to have my son help me and I know this will be a book he’ll love to look through over and over again.

I chose the teal [email protected]! binder for my projects. The beautiful color reminds me of the sea so I have decided to create a a travel album for our beach vacation.

I think the [email protected]! binder is perfect for a travel album, it has various sizes of page protectors and paper pockets. You can pack all of the memories you want to hold onto in a handy binder!

I love pockets! I put all brochures in the largest pocket and small tickets in the middle one.

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