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Here Is A Quick And Easy Way To Paint or Print On T-Shirts Using Your Own Artwork Or Designs In Minutes!

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Now You Can Print or Paint on T-Shirts using Your Own Artwork or Designs In Minutes by making a Stencil using your Computer, Software that you already have and our New Stencil Makers. This is Fast and even Easier than Silk Screen Printing because there is much less preparation which saves you Time and Money and lets You make prints on shirts much Faster and Easier. This will give you much better profit margins and give you much greater Flexibility in what you produce and when. But Best of all, Each Stencil Will Make Hundreds Of Marks On Things other than T-Shirts such as Glass, Metal, Wood, Fabric, Paper, Plastic, Signs, Cardboard, Marble, Ceramics and many Other Items. And You Can Can Use Your Stencil Over And Over And Go From One Project To Another. You Can Use Paint, Glass Etching Cream, Metal Etching Electrolyte and Even Ink To Print, or Paint On Fabric or Almost Anything! Should you loved this information as well as you want to acquire more details regarding Women’s Purple drawing Desgin Long Sleeve Tee Shirt i implore you to stop by our own web site.

Here is something that You will really make Money with and Enjoy. You now have the Freedom to let your Imagination and Talent run Wild and Create anything that You like on Fabric, T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Hand Bags, etc. in Minutes in any Color with Paint or Ink. This New system is Quick, Easy, Inexpensive and YOU Can Do It! And You can do it in Minutes!

This is NEW and there is Nothing Like It Available Anywhere on the Net. You can be First to Explore All the many different ideas these Silk Screen Stencils are capable of creating for You. Use them for Your Business, Craft or Hobby Projects or even START A NEW BUSINESS with these Easy to make, Premium Quality Stencils! There are so many Thousands of ways You can use YOUR Ideas and these Revolutionary New UNIVERSAL STENCILS that it would take too much room to show them all here.

You simply create your Own Artwork, Designs, Copy or Text, that you want to put on your Fabric or T-Shirts, on your own computer using the software You already have. (You can see how stencils are made on the Home Page.) Then You create anything you can imagine, except photos and Print it out on a transparency sheet (which is included in each kit!) Then use one of the New Stencil Makers (Shown Below) to turn the transparency into a stencil, in just 3 – 5 minutes! And You’ll be able to reuse that one stencil hundreds of times, making it possible to create matching towel sets, aprons, tote bags, or anything else to go along with your T-Shirt Line.

You Can Easily Make T-Shirts Like This In Minutes Or Print Signs, Fabrics, Tote Bags, Aprons, Towels, Napkins or Anything Any Silk Screen Printing Business Can Do…..And You Can Do It Easier, Faster And Cheaper!

Here are other Ideas that you can easily make with Your New Universal Stencils and there are Thousands more. Your only limit is your Own Ideas.

Here are simple to make one and two color T-Shirts that you can Easily make in Minutes with the New Universal Stencils. Below are the simple instructions that almost anyone can use to create “Saleable” shirts with little or no experience. You can create Multi-Color Graphics and Text very easily by simply “Blocking Off” part of the stencil with non-stick tape so that only one color comes thru at a time. Then remove the tape, block the other portion and print with another color. Or you can make more than one stencil and use one for each color. 2 Free E-Books On How To Make Money On EBay & Craigslist!
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How To Stencil T-Shirts In Minutes!!

Men's Custom Crumble  Mush Comic Cover 1 Short Sleeve T-ShirtNow you can Create T-Shirts with your own Custom Designs or Artwork in Minutes. Just follow the instructions on the Home Page to create your Custom Stencil. Then follow the steps below. Also You can print in several Colors by using non-stick tape to cover parts of the stencil so that only the correct color comes thru.
1. Place Cardboard behind the Fabric.
Use a piece of cardboard, cut to the size you need, and place it inside the T-Shirt under the area where you will be printing the artwork. Smooth the shirt down over the cardboard so no wrinkles will be in the way.
2. Secure the Stencil to be Printed.
Place your stencil where you would like the inked image to appear. It should be directly OVER the cardboard which you have placed inside the shirt. (NOTE: Here we show the stencil on a plastic frame. You may want to use a frame and they are shown below. We have found that Oak Frames are the Best.
3. Ink Your Squeegee.
P 4. Squeegee The Paint Onto The Shirt In One Motion.
Hold the stencil down firmly with one hand. Pull the inked squeegee across the stencil with your other hand in one smooth motion using a light to medium hand pressure. Practice once or twice on scraps to get the “Right” feel to your squeegee motion.
5. Gently Lift Up Your Stencil
Gently lift up your stencil by holding one corner of the stencil or frame so as not to smear your ink.
6. Enjoy Your T-Shirt!
Here is your completed shirt. You can make the paint or ink permanent by letting it dry and then place a scrap piece of cloth over the graphics and iron with a regular household iron on medium for about 5 minutes.

There you have it…A New Stencil Making System that will open up a world of Great New Possibilities for you and allow you to use Your Talent and Ideas to have a lot of Fun and make some real Money making and selling T-Shirts and hundreds of other items. You are only limited by your own Imagination and Energy. So now is the time to let your Artistic Ideas flow and enjoy creating things you have put off before as too much work….especially if the artwork had to be repeated over and over again or was quite complicated. This new system cuts through all of that and Frees You up to “Multiply” yourself if you are creating any item or artwork that needs to be “Produced” in almost any amount.

Now you can really Enjoy your Business or Craft Projects knowing that you are Saving Time, Money and a Ton of Work using these New Stencils and also knowing that many New Ideas are now open to you. So take a few moments and examine this site and consider all of the New Ideas that you can easily use for Fun, Profit or to Expand Your Business.

Be Sure And Take Advantage of the Special Low Prices on these New Kits during this Limited Time Offer. Simply decide on the actual Size of the Stencil you may want to use….such as 5″x 6″ or 6″x 8″ or 10″x 12″ and let that help you decide on the kit you will find the most Economical.

Note: Besides the Stencil Maker Kit you will probably need Acrylic Paint, Squeegees and some Frames. We have tested almost all brands of paint and you will find the best ones here and at very low prices. Also we have tested Plastic and Wood Frames and the Oak Frames shown below are by far the best.

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