Stylisation Of Your Cardigan

Men's Eye Spy Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtCardigans were considered to be for your grandparents. Well, it not exactly true. For many women, they’e more practical than pullovers. They certainly seem more versatile, you can easily spice up your wardrobe and match them with your well-loved clothes. That why many boutiques invest in wholesale womens cardigans.

For a simple, everyday look you can easily match a cardigan with a solid-colored tank top or a t-shirt. The top should be more fitted or tighter than usual, but of course you shouldn’s needlessly constrain yourself. Chunky knit, patterned cardigans usually work better for the wintertime, while long, flowy and thin cardigan for summer. You should adapt your style for the weather.

Long sweaters can act as tunics and tunics work best with a belt that will underline your waistline. If your cardigan is thick, try a thick leather belt, and if it more sheer you can try out a thinner one. A long, billowy sweater might work best with skinny jeans or leggings. And during the winter, you can safely match it with a pair of boots.If you want to rock a spaghetti strap, you can make it more modest with a decent cardigan. It probably won’s be as appropriate for work or school, but you can make it more acceptable for outings. Button up your cardigan, leaving only the two top buttons open to reveal your shirt and the cleavage. This casual look works great with distressed jeans or a pair of sweatpants.

For an office look, you can simply wear the cardigan with a buttoned down shirt, but if you want to dress it up, you can find an embellished blouse – one with a bow or an embroidered pattern. A darker cardigan that matches your skirt would be formal, but you can add a splash of color as well. The bow collar should be visible and attract the attention. You can use an elegant brooch to add some class to the costume.

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