T-Shirt Printing Can Be A New Venture

100% Cotton wolf Short Sleeve Customized Casual Children's T-shirtIf you have ever thought of using your creativity to make t-shirts, it has never been easier or more affordable. T-shirt printing is readily available either locally or online and with a few good ideas, you could make some extra money while waiting for the recession to end.

There are different printing methods; the most common is the silkscreen technique. Less complicated but subject to greater mishaps or greater creativity, depending on your prospective or desired result, is direct printing onto the shirt. After that comes simple iron-on transfers.

Printing directly onto the garment has lower costs and a good way to print just a few. An ink jet printer with a special dye is used. It is said these inks are duller than those you would get with silk screening and they will fade fairly soon. Use this for limited editions or one-of-a-kind shirts.

Direct transfers consist of artwork digitally printed on paper and then ironed onto the fabric. As with direct printing, the colors are not permanent. Your design will fade. The shirt will have a lived-in look or a distressed look that can have a certain aesthetic appeal especially for rock bands and arty type messages.

The following activities use shirts either for sale or for their own use: Sporting events and teams, academic clubs, a school class, a dance school, drama or theater groups, rock bands, marching bands, charity events and running marathons. If you are a graphic designer or just creative, this is an easy way to make money.

If you use a local printer, the staff will guide you through the process. If you want to use an online company, that too is a snap. Start with the basic order, number of shirts, sizes, quality and colors. There are many options available and you do not have to stay with just t-shirts. You can use sweatshirts, caps, and for the ladies, tank tops and t-shirt dresses.

The next step is to get your artwork to the printer. You can upload them during the ordering process, almost all file types and sizes. The artwork can be e-mailed directly to the company if there is trouble uploading. If your artwork is too large for a scan, some companies have special methods to receive them. There is also the good old snail if you have no way to upload, scan or e-mail your design.

If you are not artistic nor have a picture you want to use, clip-art is always available on any subject. Browse through the company clip-art files and then add your own touch or message. You choose its color and font. You can then see it on a shirt and move it around.

Lastly, a few pointers on t-shirt printing and designing to help you produce great looking shirts: less busy graphically will be less money; less ink colors needed will be less money; always go for high contrast colors; photos work best on light colored shirts; miniscule details or small text will get lost; and finally, pictures make a bigger impact than words. Make sure you are not using copyrighted material.

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