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Men's Cotton Cluckin&039; & Pickin&039; Short Sleeve Tee ShirtT-shirts are perhaps the most commonly worn article of clothing across the globe and are popularly written colloquially as tee shirts. Suitable for both the modern man and woman when off work or even at work in some cases, the humble tee shirt is considered suitably fashionable and is sold by many of the major fashion houses and brands including Faith Connexion, Seven7, Yanuk, Mighty Fine, Spy C, Doe, Sisly, One Life 2 Live, Hot Kiss, Profile and Angels.
Tee shirts come in a variety of styles and designs with long sleeved tees, 3/4 sleeves or cutoffs, short sleeves and capped sleeves tees commonly available. However, the defining feature of tee shirts is that they are made of cotton or polyester and knitted in a jersey stitch that makes them feel so soft and comfortable to wear.
One of the most popular uses of T-shirts is for advertising. From Nike to New York State and famous bands (Rolling Stones) to revolutionary icons (Che Guevara), the common tee shirt has been used to popularize and provide publicity for anything and everything. Well known tees include the “I love NY” tee shirt designed by the state of New York to increase its tourism and popularity and the tee shirts with a smiley face on the front.
Another reason why T-shirts are so common is that they are popular amongst both the younger and the older generations and both men and women. Women’s tees include a huge variety of styles including jewel neck, crew neck, boat neck, off the shoulder and V-neck amongst others.
The use of tee shirts as sports clothing is also common with jerseys or uniforms for football clubs and countries’ teams are short sleeved or long sleeved tees as well as the famously controversial sleeveless shirts used by Cameroon in their African Cup of Nations matches. Sports such as tennis, badminton, table tennis, cricket, rugby and baseball also use tee shirts as part of their jerseys.
Variants of the common tee shirt include tank tops, crew necks, scoop necks, cropped T-shirts and A-shirts (also known as wife beaters). Tee shirts have increasingly become a part of people’s lives and are now accepted regular, casual or street wear.
The great thing about tee shirts is that there is simply so much variety that there is something suitable for everyone. If you prefer a reserved, understated look then perhaps you would be interested in a One Life 2 Live Short Sleeve Top in Black or Olive. If your tastes run to tees that are more feminine then perhaps the Crew Tee Shirt in Pink is better suited to you. If you prefer a laid-back and relaxed look then the Mighty Fine Destroyer Tee in Blue is for you. Looking for something cute and adorable? Try the Hello Kitty Tee Natural High. Or perhaps something stylish appropriate for a gathering? The Sisly Top in Mauve will be suitable for you.
T-shirts, tee shirts or tees – whatever you call them, they play a major part in the social, cultural and even economic spheres of our lives.
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