The Popularity Of Black Shirts

Men's Galen, is that you Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsClothing in black rose rapidly to prominence through the seventies, eighties and nineties, firstly because of the gaining popularity of rock, metal and gothic music but also because people started to recognize that black shirts, jeans or any other article of clothing has a slimming effect and makes you look more slender than you would otherwise.

This year, the popularity of black has continued strongly and little black shirts, dresses or jeans and other clothing in black has featured on the catwalk and worn by celebrities at the biggest events and casually as regular wear.

The likes of Fergie, Rachel Bilson, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Scherzinger all have been regularly spotted in fashionable black shirts and other clothing including skinny jeans, jackets or even cardigans.

Wearing black is usually a safe choice as not only does it make you look slimmer and more stylish but as it black is now considered a neutral color (other neutral colors are white, grey and some also include shades of brown), it is unlikely to offend peoples sensibilities.

Black shirts are great to wear at work or when you are planning to stay indoors as they help you keep cool. On the other hand if you are planning on staying out in the sun, black should be the last color choice for you.

Another great thing about black shirts is that they are so easy to match, you can wear them to advantage with all shades of blue, brown or grey. This means that denim jeans, jackets and cardigans or sweaters are all suitable for wearing with them. White and pink also match well but these colors should be used as accessories rather than as skirts, bottoms, shorts or trousers accompanying your black shirt. Indeed pearls are often most pleasing when worn with such a shirt or dress or gown. Gold, silver, bronze and jade ornaments or embellishments look amazingly good on black shirts, dresses or gowns too.

Black leather, also somewhat notoriously associated with subcultures such as the leather and goth subcultures, is also very stylish as clothing. Witness Miley Cyrus in an off the shoulder black leather dress at her movie premiere for the Last Song.

Many celebrities including the likes of Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have also worn simple black dresses and little black dresses to advantage. These are usually complimented with a pair of heels and a simple but elegant hairstyle like a bun and this works well for black shirts too.

Brands like Fashion Wellbeing, Lucy in Paris and Taverniti SO are in high demand these days and their simple yet elegant black shirts too.

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