The Style Evolution Of Mens Cufflinks

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Great looking cufflinks say a lot about the man who wears them. Some like plain ones and others like to stand out in a crowd and one things for sure, the choices are varied, stylish and plentiful.

They are no longer regarded as simply something to fasten your French Cuffs on your business shirt. They are indeed a fashion accessory and the lengths people go to in finding the best cufflinks that suit their personality is extraordinary.

Of course the internet has made it pretty easy to find an almost endless range of the most fascinating cufflinks. Some of the strangest cufflinks we found were social networking branded cufflinks such as Facebook and Twitter and we even found a set of Angry Birds cufflinks (the popular mobile phone app game) as well as all styles of electric guitar.

The cufflink has quite a history and some argue that they have been around for almost 800 years. Back in the 13th century clothes made by tailors had buttons but they were not functional and the clothes were held together by pins and chains which were the early cufflinks.

It wasn’t until the Renaissance in around the 1600’s that tailors began stitching button holes and using the ornate buttons to fasten the clothes. Not too long after that, when two ornate buttons were attached by a chain link that these buttons became the height of men’s fashion.

Cufflinks are a brilliant mens gift idea now as it’s not only white collar business professionals who wear cufflinks, many guys wear them out with more casual styled clothes and there aren’t too many guys who don’t own at least one shirt that can have cufflinks.

Jewellers then began to design what were called sleeve buttons in silver and gold and then many added jewels and diamonds. Royalty commemorated weddings with specific designs and the rich upper classes wore them as they quickly became the mark of a gentleman.

We have come quite a long way since then and they are now worn by both men and women. They may not have the class distinction attached to the wearer any more but there is no doubt that cufflinks are classy.

Looking for cufflinks online is quite fun and you can get some that will match up with your job. For builders and traders, we found some spirit level cufflinks and yes they were in working order. A bit small for use on a building site but you must admit, they are pretty cool.

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