Tour De France Bike Tours Tips To Avoid Dressing Like A Tourist

To experience the best of the tour de France bike tours, it is always recommended to avoid getting dressed like a tourist.

Men's Custom astronout Short Sleeve T ShirtsTo experience the best of tour de France bike tours, it is recommended to avoid getting dressed like a tourist. Here are some tips that are a guide for what type of clothes will certainly help to keep you looking smart and fly you under the radar.

Carry Understated, Casual Clothes

Always carry the stuff you would wear at home. Assure to keep the clothes simple, classic, plain, form fitting and with preferably no brand names. Apparels like a pair of jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and a nice jumper will be enough to give you a casual look.

Prevent Technical Gear, Especially With Color

A lot of people love colorful technical gear, however, there is a place and time to khaki zip-off pants and red Goretex jackets. Steer clear of designs and colors and try dark technical gear with simple patterns if you really have to have it. There are several manufacturers that you can consider browsing to find a suitable, understated gear.

Ride With Baggy Cycling Shorts & Tees On The Bike

There is no better way to stand out than in full Lycra. People try to look a bit more casual by wearing baggy shorts and plain tees over the Lycra during the tour de France bike tours.

Carry A Plain Dress Top or Travel Shirt

The shirts are smart and you never know when you will need them. There might be times when you wish to visit an expensive restaurant and will feel pretty uncomfortable if not dresses sharply.

Keep The Clothes Clean

Undoubtedly, cycling tourists often wear clothes for a few days, but after some time washing is required. When riding through areas without access to the washing machines, make use of public toilets or hotels to hand wash everything. Or, take clothes to the shower for washing.

Avoid Sporty Attire

Even though the sporty attire is great for travel, but it makes you stick out. It is recommended to wear clothes that are slightly less practical for a sake of looking a bit smarter. Just leave the track pants at home and mull over wearing jeans along with a pair of casual shoes with some tread, instead of running shoes.

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