Understanding Product Sourcing Needs-Key Questions

Fashion Cotton Printed On Trombone - musical instrument Children's T-shirtProduct sourcing is often a problem for those attempting to run an ecommerce business from home. Men’s Print Blink Short Sleeve T Shirts That is unfortunate, because it really shouldn’s be that difficult if you know how. Product sourcing is an important issue and can make or break a business, and for that reason it is important that your suppliers take you and your needs seriously. Unfortunately, many underestimate the scope of the product supply field and think only in terms of wholesalers or drop shippers.

In order to figure out your own product sourcing needs, you really need to examine the kind of business you have and exactly what it is you want to market. For example, downloadable information products will be handled differently than purely physical products. And likewise, how you source mass market goods will be a bit different than if you sell t-shirts carrying public domain images and custom slogans. If you offer a service business then your product sourcing requirements may lie completely outside the usual scope of wholesale and drop ship concerns.

When we consider online, retail commerce, product sourcing, particularly as it concerns the small home business, is extremely important. I’l try to explain, but understand that product sourcing entails more than attention to the product itself. The fact is many people err in considering only the price of the products they are interested in. Worse, many will choose the products they sell based on cheapness. There is more to this, and if you focus only on price, you may find yourself burned later on. Long term success depends on quality of goods, having sufficient stock on hand, and also on having inventory available in a timely manner. You ability to deliver goods quickly is also key.

When you engage in business, you are extending a promise of customer service to your potential buyers. When you advertise, you are essentially saying that you will provide your customer with a certain kind of experience, and when you exchange product for payment, you have made a kind of contract with the buyer. Part of that contract includes good customer service. You can have the best of intentions of keeping your promise, but if the products you sell are inferior, or if your supplier cannot get the items to either you or your buyers, then you will not be trusted, word will get around, and people won’s buy from you.

There are two problems that most beginners come up against. First, how to find products, or how to figure out what products to sell. Second, how to find suppliers. The reality is that these are not hard problems to solve, though they may seem so at first. The fact is, and you may not believe this, but these issues begin to take care of themselves when you do business planning. The first step to take is often to figure out and draft a business plan. For example, who are your customers? What niche are you trying to satisfy? What kind of business model do you plan to employ? When you begin to tackle these sorts of questions, other questions regarding sourcing and products will begin to make sense.

Following your basic business planning, you are now ready to think about getting products. Many people begin their search on the Internet, and I have noticed that there is more legitimate information and a greater number of resources then several years ago. Even though you can Google your product and find help leads, legitimate wholesalers do not generally rely on the Internet for business and so are not always easily found. Personally, I think a far more reliable strategy is simply to call the manufacturer and ask who their authorized distributors are. This is simple and direct, and if you are honest and professional in your communication, you should get some good results.

Other resources available are the online wholesale product supply memberships such as Salehoo, World Wide Brands, and Aid and Trade. These memberships do not themselves sell products. Instead they claim to offer contact information to thousands of legitimate suppliers selling many different kinds of products. Some of the memberships also provide a forum for networking with other members and experienced moderators. Both Salehoo and World Wide Brands advertise educational material to help you succeed in ecommerce and eBay selling environments. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the memberships are just another resource, and you must always perform you own due diligence to be sure such a membership would be consistent with your business plan.

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