Various Styles Of Dress Shirts

If dress shirts mean dull weekdays to you, we say, you take a fresh look! The most interesting thing about women’s clothing is that, it can borrow a form or a concept from the other side of the line and can make it their own so seamlessly!

Women's Custom Mushrooms Short Sleeve T ShirtsThe basic idea for dress shirts is to come up with something formal, mostly as an office-wear something that would be formal yet dressy but minus the somewhat overtly feminine feel of women’s dresses or chic tops. And, so you have a wonderful option here for your weekday women’s apparel and even, if teamed up rightly, a fantastic, fun weekend look for women’s casual clothing.

Royal blue, olive green, rich shades of plum or wine, or any other shade that flatters you, and of course, the inevitable all-time hit black these remain your top choices when it comes to the right color. Pair it up with a trouser with slim and simple lines. Rather than going for wholesale clothing stores, you can get your one tailored instead for a better fit. But, if you are not too sure what to go for, stick to the women’s apparel brands they have some nice collection to offer.

Pleats on your dress shirts look pretty indeed and create a kind of interesting pattern without making it look too busy or cluttered. The overall look should be neat with hair tied up in high ponytail or a classy chignon very classy! If the occasion is slightly more casual, you can make good use of ruffles on your dress shirts and play with the necklines and sleeves an excellent look for women’s casual clothing.

Dress shirts as casual clothing for women, has more variations in store for you. Wear it with your skinny denim, keep the length a little longer, and throw in a belt to break the monotony slip into patent-leather boots and you are good to go!
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