We Can All Help Alleviate Global Warming!

If you thought that global warming had reached a stage beyond repair, you are probably right. However, that doesnt mean you cannot do your own bit to save the environment! Here are some simple, practical ways to get more eco-friendly:

Men's Hero Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsAvoid plastics: Plastics cannot be easily degraded and this affects the environment adversely. Hence when shopping at your nearest departmental store try and use paper bags or cloth ones. You could even make your own cloth bag to take to the store!

Reuse and recycle: Have some old clothes you dont wear any longer? Maybe youre thinking of dumping them in the dustbin. Stop being so wasteful! Get frugal and try recycling them into some cool clothing. For example an old frumpy t-shirt can be made into an off-shoulder top or old jeans can be cut into cute shorts!

Turn off the lights: When you leave a room, make sure to turn off the lights. Even a few minutes left unattended can consume huge amounts of electricity when considered on a long term perspective. So when not using a room, turn off the light, fan, air condition etc. – basically any electrical appliances.

Natural household cleaners: Instead of using chemical laden compounds to clean your home try using more nature friendly alternatives. For example white vinegar is a powerful cleaner especially for glass surfaces. Even lemon juice works as an excellent stain remover.

Plant more trees: We all know this is a given but not many of us actually follow it. Even if each of us were to plant one or two trees in our lifetime it would make a huge difference to the environment. Plus trees provide shade and relief from the hot summer months!

Dont use pesticides: When gardening, it is best to avoid using chemical pesticides on your plants. Instead try using natural compost. You can create your own compost at home by combining left over scraps of food, vegetables, eggs etc. It will smell awful so you need to keep your compost bin out of your home. Then after a month or so it will be ready for your plants. Natural compost is the best fertilizer for your plants. Plus it is organic!

Make borrowing a habit: If there are certain items and products which you tend to use less often you should borrow them. You will not only save a huge amount of money in the process you are also saving on the amount of wastage.

Eco-friendly fuels: Instead of using conventional fuel sources try natural and healthier alternatives such as solar energy, wood pellets or even wind energy.

Use rollers for painting: If you are planning to paint your home make sure to use a paint brush or a paint roller instead of spray paints. Spray paints emit harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Walk it: If the distance between your home and office is walk-able then it is best to walk instead of using a bike. You could even try cycling. Its a great exercise and you are cutting down on harmful fuel emissions.

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