What To Wear On A Movie Date For Teens

If your teen has started dating, you want her to enjoy herself without making inappropriate choices. This includes what she wears on her date. Going to the movies is a casual date, but the right outfit will keep her comfortable while she watches while also keeping her warm and properly covered at the same time.

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Casual Clothes
Sitting through a two-hour movie means your teen is going to want to be comfortable. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt works well for teen boys. They should avoid tight skinny jeans, which won’t be comfortable, but shouldn’t go in sports clothing or sweats, which won’t make their date feel like they put in an effort. Teen girls can pair jeans with a tank top and short-sleeved cardigan or a pair of leggings with a tunic. Short skirts or tight clothing can be uncomfortable and require frequent adjustments, which can be distracting during the movie.

Weather Appropriate Clothes
If it’s cold outside, your teen can add a comfortable denim jacket or trendy windbreaker to the outfit for warmth. Even during the summer, movie theaters often crank the air conditioning and your teen might get cold during the show. A sweater or wrap that coordinates with her outfit is ideal for teen girls. A fashionable hoodie or jean jacket works well for teen boys if they get a chill during the movie.

Accessories can make the outfit, so teens who put in the extra effort can complete their look and enjoy a movie date looking good. Teen girls can pair their outfit with a pair of simple earrings, a bracelet or two and a necklace. A small headband or barrette helps hold her hair up and adds a bit of sparkle to your teen’s outfit. Teen boys can complete a casual look with a newsboy hat or trendy fedora or a belt that matches his shirt. Some teen boys enjoy wearing a small beaded necklace or pair of male earrings, which can make for a date-worthy look.

Most movie theaters require wearing shoes, even if your teen slips them off during the show. Shoes that coordinate with the outfit create a casual date-worthy ensemble. Boots or ballet flats pair well with leggings and jeans for teen girls and a pair of nice tennis shoes or boots work well for most male outfits. A nice pair of dress shoes can add punch to jeans and a collared shirt without looking too formal for teen boys.

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