Which Fitted Dress Shirt Will Help You Fit In At The Office?

Whether you are fresh out of college beginning a new career or a seasoned professional in your field joining a new employer, one concern many employees have when starting a new position is trying to figure out what attire is appropriate. Just because your fitted dress shirt fits you perfectly, that doesn’t mean it will fit your workplace perfectly.

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The first and most obvious step is contacting the right person at the new employer for attire advice. Typically this will be the human resources contact whom you are given after you are offered a position to work for the company. If your new employer doesn’t have a human resources department, try to take special note of the atmosphere and attire of the other employees when you go into the office for your initial interview or any follow-up meetings at the office before you officially start.

Next is to play it conservative for the first week or so. Your office may have an unspoken rule that Fridays are more casual without giving it the official casual Fridays title. Also, different level employees may have different standards when it comes to attire. So for the first week it is best to play it safe and conservative with a simple plain white or blue fitted dress shirt and gray dress pants.

Lastly, when stocking up on new work clothes, consider some of the following style details of a shirt. Classic straight point collars are the most typical and common. Button down collars are usually worn without a tie and are much more casual. A button cuff is standard and somewhat casual while a French cuff with cuff links is a bit more showy and elegant. A single pocket on the shirt is standard and more professional, while a shirt with a pocket on each side of the chest or a button down pocket is more fashionably adventurous and casual.

Blue and white shirts are the most standard and conservative, but a simple pink dress shirt is growing to be much more common in recent years compared to the past. A black dress shirt might be a little more difficult to work into your wardrobe without looking like a waiter. When working with other colors, be sure to be careful to match it with a nice tie that won’t clash. Additionally bold stripes are also more adventurous while a subtle stripe can still look classic and professional. It is not recommended to mix a striped shirt with striped pants or a striped suit.

Most importantly, you want to find a nice fitted dress shirtthat you feel confident in because confidence is certainly the key to success in the workplace.

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