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This experience was great! Such a selection of wholesale T-shirts and styles with many sales and the free shipping offer is literally what drew me here. But I stayed because of the quick turnaround time, friendly service, and rewards and discounts they offer to their members.

Cisco from Livermore, CA

Women's Cotton Music is LIfe Short Sleeve T Shirts

I am thoroughly impressed everytime I log onto Jonestshirts.com, the selection and tiered pricing is exactly what every consumer wants. Additionally, the shipping terms are unbelievable, it amazes me how quickly the product is delivered to my door. Jonestshirts.com is my one and only supplier for one simple reason, RELIABILITY.

Brad from Lake Orion, MI

I placed an order yesterday from your company for the first time. I needed some Jerzees 49M shirts for a softball team that waited till the last minute for printing. I expressed to the lady on the phone that I really needed these in 2 days offering to pay for UPS Blue shipping. She told me if I ordered $89 worth of shirts they would be here in 2 days shipped for free. I received the shirts the very next day by noon. I really appreciate this kind of service and will definitely continue to order from Jones. By the way, I checked several other places before I found Jones and none of them had in stock what I needed. They were too high priced or could not get them to me in 2 days. Thanks again!

Gary from Fairview, OK

So far, very happy. The free shipping has been very helpful and a major reason for shopping with you. I like the ability to see the wholesale T-shirts in the various colors.

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