Why To Love Bamboo And Products Made From It

The “go green” mantra has reached new levels with the upcoming of bamboo products. No matter where you are living, you can see around and discover the benefits of green living. This concept of “green living” has been responsible for the entirely new subset of the ever flourishing retail industry. With a strong emphasis on promoting and saving non-renewable resources, there has emerged a new range of bamboo products which have caught the fancy of all and sundry. Products made from bamboo have plenty of benefits to offer. These can be used for several purposes which may vary from one person to the other.

As a matter of fact, Bamboo products is the prime reason for the growth of retail marketplace. Bamboo not only provides sustainability but also is one of those Eco-friendly materials out of which product of any type could be made. No matter what you are looking for, you can easily get it if you have the right manufacturers of bamboo products. Besides, it is one material which is capable of producing both aesthetically appealing as well as quality items which can catch the fancy of the mainstream market comprising of customers who often set in for things which can prove hazardous to nature.

Today bamboo is not just a long stick with leaves that Chinese pandas eat but has turned into a huge industry. In our quest to have more Eco-friendly products, bamboo has been a forerunner. One of the main advantages is its quick growth. The plant is part of the grass family, and the stem itself is even hollow in places, and it is one of the quickest growing plants on our planet. During its growth phase, it can reach up to almost 40 inches in 24 hours. Also when it is harvested, it grows back again.

Today there are so many products made from bamboo on the market, that range from flooring, furniture down to clothing. On the kitchen front, It makes surprising hard and durable wood-like products from salad bowls to cutting boards. Also, your kitchen table could be made from it as well as counter tops and even backsplashes.

Another great bamboo product is flooring. Today this has become very popular and for a good reason. The flooring looks spectacular, and it is really hard to distinguish from hardwood flooring. People choosing bamboo floors can feel excellent that their floors did not necessitate cutting down often endangered rain forest trees.

Further discussed are some of the best products made from bamboo that can prove to be healthy alternatives to hardwood made goods.

1.Bamboo Flooring

With a good range of varieties, which are rumored to be 100% stronger than the red oak, bamboo can serve the needs of a durable flooring material. Bamboo can be used for flooring purposes without any second thoughts. It is considered tough than even most of the hardwood flooring materials available in the home improvement market.

2.Bamboo Fences And Decks

Are you tired of the chain linking the iron poles for creating a fence? Well, it’s time to consider bamboo fencing. You can even attach the same to the already existing fence or give a traditional look to the fence by building a complete bamboo frame. Similarly, you can also make use of this charming material for getting an elegant deck ready. It can be used in place of deck planks.

3.Bamboo Furniture

Since you are looking forward to remodeling your home, it is time to remove the oak furniture and say hello to the modern bamboo furniture. It may not necessarily be the 70’s era furniture. You can go for the modern coffee tables, dining sets, nightstands and a lot many other furnishings and replace the old cherry, oak, and maple furniture.

So, these are some of the very best bamboo products that can be alternatively used instead of hardwood while heading towards an eco-friendly home improvement plan.

It is the combination of beauty, sustainability, durability and versatility which makes bamboo the future material of building products for various purposes. There are several individuals out there who believe that the future of the retail industry lies in this evergreen bamboo technology. In fact, what was once not even given attention has taken the world by storm.

You can also find bamboo in products you would never imagine, from clocks to iPhone cases and now there is a whole new industry section that uses bamboo for clothing. This clothing is very soft and being 100% natural is a great alternative to cotton, which is often grown with the help of many pesticides. You can purchase baby clothes, socks, and T-shirts to name just a few. Next time you go clothes shopping, have a good look at the label or, better still, purchase something made of bamboo and you will experience the difference yourself. Even trousers can be found made from this form of grass.

One of the largest sections for products made from bamboo is toweling and sheets. People who sleep on bamboo sheets find that it helps them stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are also super-soft, even better than cotton sheets with high thread counts. You can also buy bamboo quilts which are made from clouds of fluffy bamboo fibers which is naturally also encased in soft bamboo.

Bamboo clothing products are naturally better for you being antibacterial, antimicrobial as well as

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. You will also find that they are odor resistant as well as mold resistant and dust mites don’t like them! Buying bamboo products simply makes sense.

The options are endless with this amazing plant with over 1000 documented uses, and it still manages to be an Eco-friendly option. As a culture we all need to be making changes to protect the world that we call home, bamboo is a choice that can make that a reality. People want things that are simple, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes without a lot of work, history has proven this, as people over 3000 years ago already knew the joys of bamboo. With bamboo becoming a fixture in the world of green living the possibilities are endless.We should support the green movement by Investing in high-end bamboo products and bamboo clothing today!

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